A Therapy Center that Works?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Lady of Shalott, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a suicide counseling center or some other such thing that they have experience with that WORKS? Some kind of intensive, extended program that really works? I have been to therapists, psychologists, shrinks or whatever and wasted my time and money blabbering about my past. It's not useful. If you want to know why I'm suicidal or why I do this or that, I can tell you, but that's all I can do. While I may want to kill myself and can tell you why I want to kill myself, I still want to kill myself. So I need help...but I refuse to accept the kind of cr*p I did before where the shrink sits and listens to me and I just talk and talk and nothing happens months and months later. Useless.

    Does anyone have any place or intensive preferably live-in program that they have experienced REAL SUCCESS with that they could recommend to me? Any kind of therapy or any therapist, as long as it works!

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    i don't know that this will help as i live in ireland, but perhaps there is something similar near you.

    i do intensive outpatient treatment at what is called a 'day hospital' affiliated with the pscyh ward of our local hospital. it's pretty comprehensive: i was assessed by a psychiatrist on an emergency referral. they decided to not admit me (phew) but instead i was set up with a team of mental health supports immediately: a community mental health nurse who saw me at home twice a week at first, with phone calls in between (we've tapered off since then); a psych (looks after my meds) - only see him once a month; relaxation class to help me deal with stress and help me get better sleep patterns; a therapist; and of course there is my familiy doctor who does the actual prescribing of anti-depressants (the psych tells him what to prescibe). i also use the suicide hotline for support when it is after office hours. with the nurse we set up a care plan, with goals and notes as to what is working, and what isn't. every month we review it.

    no one thing works by itself, but together they have brought me from feeling suicidal 24/7 (and an attempt) to having some hope in my life.