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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by meatbug, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. meatbug

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    Those times we find ourselves without borders, are bound for true beauty, elation, ecstasy, and death. Every now and then I smell a whiff of true freedom, of a time without borders, where nothing is of principle, and all is fair game. Where the infinite can truly exist for endless possibilities, even through the means of language, whose borders are strongest of all. that whiff of freedom is redemption, where all self-reckoning is destroyed, as never to existed. Such a fragile state of mind, yet so powerful. In these moments one is free without bounds, in literally endless wit and brilliance, where ambiguity becomes an illusion. As elusive it may be, at any moment it may break and it will break, but never brakes for fear. It’s driven into hands of only men of reason upon spells of rage and tears. The ecstasy that comes from this inalterable state is altered in an instant by any course of ambiguity. It, the texture of something so true and real, so fake and rough.
    In these moments its relative state to its surroundings seems to be directly reversed, replacing in itself the illusion of beauty with the illusion of its fallibility. Perhaps the inner and outer worlds are mutually exclusive in that sense, or perhaps exclusivity is an illusion in and of itself, created by the narcissist.

    ....first post :blink:
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    And a beautiful one :smile:
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    ^ ditto that.

    Thanks for sharing this meatbug!
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