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Mia i just wanted to remind you why i think you are admirable.i know you sometimes get down on youreself because you think others dont like and/or disagree with you. well i am here to remind ya why i think youre great. i admire you a great deal not because you are strong or because you are sweet (you are both) but because of youre determination and attitude about life.not many people are like you.you will always strive to do the right thing whether society agrees with you or not.if you believe what you are doing is the right thing you will do youre best to continue at it and strive to get others to do the same.what i see in you is a person who will always work hard to help society change for the better. you are a person to look up to not because you are strong but because you try to make the world around you a better place by example.you wont accept anybody creating strife for thbose around you. you do everything you can to make youre own life better and those of youre family whether you succeed or not isnt the point its the fact that youre personality shows the determionation to never stop being the person you are. you wont back down or weaken yourself to conform with the way others think things should be yet you are always there to listen as well.you truly hold no judgment against anyone no matter what or who they are you always listen to there whole person not just the one they are portraying at the moment.we havent talked very much but i see these things through youre threads and from when i have been in chat i see how you affect people by example.as i gave said before it is refreshing to see a person like you in the world.i know you have you have youre own problems and issues but how you work through them is what i have written about and i think you are amazing!!


I agree with everything Sarah said.
I admire you a lot Mia, I already told you that and I ment it.
I am not good in expressing myself, but Sarah did a very good job, I am so glad she made this thread!!

:hug: :hug: Mia :hug: :hug:


I would like to add that I miss seeing you on here.:blub:
Your absence here is really felt. :sad:
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mia, we have become close recently and i know you never believe me when i say this, but you are an amazing person, and you know how i feel about you. you are such a special person to me and i love speaking to you. its a shame you felt the need to leave here but i am so happy i am still in contact with you.



I just wnated to thank a certain friend for telling me about this post. You know who you are. Love you sweetie!!!!

I made a birthday wish recently as I blew out my candles but now I realize I didn't need to do that. In you three and and few others lately I have found true friends. Friends I know I don't deserve. I know I am not perfect and although I try every day I fall short of that goal often. You took the time to know me and where I come from and why I am the way I am and although I don't deserve such praise as you all give me so often I am thankful for it. It's hard to keep going but your words encourage me. I'm trying to live the ways I was taught and it seems too big a task. I guess you don't realize how hard it truly is until you try. In some ways it has beat me down and in others it has made me stronger.

You know how terrified I am right now. Trying to find a safe place. I couldn't make it through this alone. Truthfully it's friends like you who give me strength.

The three of you...well you don't know how much I admire you. There aren't a lot of people in the world who have been there for me. My parent's weren't. My family wasn't. I lived most of my days imagining I would one day find friends like you. But to me it was only a dream, one I never imagined would come true. You are all smart, and wise, and kind, and oh so caring to bother with someone like me.

I'm rambling on here looking for words to express my gratitude but it seems none are good enough. honestly this thread should be in praise of all those who ever saw me as worth while. Who ever believed in me. Who ever gave me a chance.

Truthfully I don't care if you agree with me alot. I know that I have a couple of friends who i couldn't be more different from. But what truly stands out is that you respect my views and allow me to express them freely. You allow me to be me. And if we had more people like that in the world who listened and accepted well it would be a wonderful world.

Thanks. You are the greatest friends anyone could have.

With love,



Also I wanted to add that you have given me the strength to keep fighting for three little girls. The children's services was just next door. She is yelling again. All i want is for them to be safe.



Hey Mia, sorry I didn't see this earlier. My internet was off all day...

All my experience with you have been good, you're a very strong and reasonable person. I know I haven't said much, but I want to let you know that there are alot of people who care about you.
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