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A time & a place.

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I’ve bought a car,
& extended hoses,
Sweets for the trip,
& fumes of roses.
Today’s enough,
But tomorrow’s worse,
If only the days,
Were in reverse.
Its been a long haul,
But I’m scared of heights,
Sorry my friends,
For all the frights.
I did not ask,
To enter this world,
I had no choice,
My life so swirled.
My time is now,
I hear them call,
But off a cliff,
I will not fall.
I have not failed,
I’m in the wrong place,
No one know’s me,
Even by face.
My attempt is final,
With no return,
The deal is made,
Emotion’s so primal.

Keep up the good work admin & mods.......
Bananaz signing out.



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Don't do it Bananaz please I'm here for you please don't go I know it hurts like shit but you're better and stronger than that.:sad:
What is going on hun? Why don't you talk to us and let us work together and see if we can figure something else out. I don't want to see you sign out. Please take the chance. Stay a bit longer. :hug: Stay safe.
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