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Boy don't I just hate it when I can't pick myself up out of the pit. I'd been doing so well lately in not letting my youngest (hateful greedy ungrateful adolescent) get the best or the worst of me. But she is, she is. I just feel like leaving the house and never coming back... except that my animals have to be cared for - and the kids won't do that, the animals would be starving before they'd even notice.:dry: Our dog is elderly and pees on the rug at least once every nite cause the kids just WILL NOT PAY ATTENTION TO HER SIGNAL TO BE LET OUT!!! Because they'd have to DO SOMETHING.

More to the point, they'd have to do something for a living being other than themselves...:dry:

Sorry, I"m just whining and bitching here cause I spent my whole day doing something creative for my youngest and the little snot didn't even care, much less express gratitude.:mad: It was my day off and I didn't have to do anything, but felt ambitious and painted both her damn dressers. Now she's screaming at me about every little thing and accusing me of shit and demeaning my parental knowledge and authority - as if I'm going to take lessons from a 14 yr old!!!:dry:

Just tired of being screwed over, taken advantage of, and screamed at. I know, I know, it's a part of being a parent - but not a part that anyone likes, and it's hard to keep on keepin' on when I get so much shit no matter what I do or don't do...:sad: :blink:

sorry sorry sorry, I'm so sorry


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Oh hun :hug: it's okay, teenagers can be bitches I know *as i am one* put her in her place =)

Talk to her about what's troubling you perhaps?

Take care,
Good luck!


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She doesn't want to hear anyone's problems but her own - and her problems are mostly SOMEONE ELSE'S fault... She's the most selfish uncaring 14 yr old I"ve ever known. She wasn't brought up to act that way either - I don't know where it came from but it's f*****g unbearable to live with.



I think she is testing out her boundries for one.....2 i remember being that way at 14 as well hehe,but believe me i always regreted giving my mom a bad time.It is the nature of the teenage beast tho ( no offense to any of the good tennagers hehe just remembering my teenage years)


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Well Least I can relate to selfish kids. My great hulking son (23 if u dont mind) is busily working out how much I can earn so that he can continue to sit on his bum and play WOW morning noon and night.

Know whats worse? I have no energy left to kick his arse. This makes me a bad parent cos I'm feeding into his laziness and internet addiction, but am just so worn out with it all.

Just think, your bolshie teenager will probably leave home in the next 4 or so years, I aint never getting rid of my lazy sod :laugh:
Living with 4 teenagers i can definitly relate to what you are talking about I have a 14yr old son and 15 yr old daughter. Then of course the 17 yr old senior that things the world owes him a living. My 19 yr old daughter is studying nursing and is in her second year fof study. She is fairly self sufficient, but still completly depends on me financially and emotionally. I know it is so hard to be strict with them when you simply have no fight left. You spirit is broken and can't take much more. Well, I know you can the same way you have encouraged me. Your daughter will eventually "grow up" and learn to appreciate exactly what her mother has done for her all thes years.love you least. ( not the least of course but the best.)
Hormonal teenagers can be the worst. I remember what I was like, and it wasn't much to brag about. It'll get better.

(You want scary - my mom waited 'till she was 30 to have kids, which means she went into menopause at almost the precise instant that my little sister and I hit adolescence. The hormones were ankle-deep in that house. :blink: :biggrin: )


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It couldn't be any worse than my house right now - two of them, and they take turns being bitchy and demanding. Sometimes, for good measure, they'll be horrible at the same time so I lose what's left of my mind and cry myself to sleep - I'm sure that makes them so happy: "oh look, we made her cry!":smile:

Nasty little shits.

least able to stand it
Just wait til they have kids of their own least. Then when their kids are as they were and they want you to "fix" it for them, you get to send them on there merry little way to deal with it on their own. Paybacks can be so rewarding sometimes. I am looking forward to the days i can love the kids always, bit send them home when they are bratty.
These days will pass. I wish you didn't have to suffer through them though. :hug:
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