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A Very Triggering Experience

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Well, since I am all upset now, I imagine I can't get much more upset than I already am. So, I will explain why I am upset about this. As a child growing up, living with my father, who was a right-wing Conservative Fundamentalist Christian cop, dealing with his extreme raging temper every day of my life living with him during the years 1988-1993, I know about the conditions of Christianity as I have been very hurt by it, mainly due to the abuse done to me by my father. Listening to him cursing at me, threatening me, shouting at me saying that if I didn't do so and so, that god was going to punish me to hell for eternity. None of the Christian family around him and I did anything to stop him from what he was doing to me. They did nothing to protect me from the abuse. I didn't escape from this situation, until my mother who had been divorced from my father since 1984, took me away from him to live with her in 1993.

Anyways, because of this situation, realizing how it has hurt me, and how it could have been stopped sooner had Christians not turned a blind eye to this, I have become bitter toward Christianity. The mention that after all of this, Jesus still loves me is a matter of interpretation better not discussed here on the suicide forum. Reading about Christianity here has caused me a great amount of stress due to flashbacks of my past being brought forth in my mind. I suppose this is what God wanted or something.

I have been a member for sometime now even though not posting. I am sorry you have been so upset by this I can well understand why that is the case.

I know from my work that alot of people have had very bad experiences with the way they have been taught religion during their upbringing and it can be hugely triggering.

I always respect that it works for some peple and I respect that we all need to find our own way to deal with life however, I for one don't want to be reading about how wonderful Christianity is because my life has taught me different and my work also.

I sincerely hope this is toned down very soon there are other places I can go if I want to read about Jesus Christ and/or religious beliefs.

Take Care Product and know your views are just as valid, given your experiences as everyone elses are given theirs.


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Hey, Broken Product, welcome to SF here. I know there is religious abuse and people take it way to the extreme and to far and yeah, abuse in all kinds of forms associated in the name of "Christianity." I couldn't agree with you more.

Has anybody upset you here or are you worried that this may come up here? There are alot of triggers for us all here regarding where we are at with the abuse we have experienced. There is a soap box forum here where people can share whatever and you don't need to look at that.

From time to time, yes, we have had people go overboard a little and for the most part, it has been taken care of and if it happens let someone on staff know. We have alot of people who come here and yes, it happens, but we let them know this is not allowed here.. But they get through sometimes.

Usually, the topic, of course, you don't need to read it. There are some forums here I stay away from because it is very triggering for me. Sometimes, if a topic hits me and I feel strongly to go there and talk to someone, then I will.

I know, the hellfire, condemnation, blah, blah, blah.. and I don't like it either. It triggers me greatly from what I have been through in my life and if you have any concerns, please address it to admin or staff.

We are not here to preach to anybody, etc. We have rules here about that. There are many people who have different faiths or beliefs or none. We just need to respect each other where one is at and it will be addressed if a person comes here with the intent or get out of hand with this, as it is a HUGE trigger for many people.

I have been extremely hurt by Christianity and,yes, they have turned a blind eye to whatever unfortunately. I understand your bitterness towards this and know others who have been in similar situations. Extremely abusive.. and go to church..

We are here because we care about people who have been through alot of shit in their life and we understand because we have been there.. Many of us are still a live today because of "accidentally" finding SF.

I am sorry, that your experience was horrible growing up the way you did.

Did you get a long okay with your mom? How are you doing now?

I hope you will give us a chance and, if anybody, bothers you personally about their faith, then address it to someone in admin or staff. We don't allow people to come here to preach to others. We also can't stop people from sharing something maybe that means something to them that has helped them, like for instance, somebody believed a miracle helped them, whether they think it was God or whatever.. an experience perhaps, as we try to be open to people. We don't allow people to preach to others here and many of us have been down that road and also don't believe either. It is a touchy subject for sure. I have had people condemn me to hell and all sorts of things.. My best friend, suicided, and the "Christians" I knew then had turned their back on her, when she needed them the most. So, I completely understand and have been there alot in my life. Even this year.. with somebody.. it takes alot for me to get upset but when I get angry, watch out.. for some.. and I finally let them have it.. I am not usually like that.. oops.. don't get me started.. on this subject.. yeah.. it angers me.. sorry.. I am very protective of others in this situation. I have been through it too. Flashbacks..

I believe and I will have to check into it, that we have moved these topics to the soapbox area and maybe letting it out area. If people have something to share about their faith. Just don't go there. However, if someone is bothering you, let us know. It does come up from time to time with people.

Lean on us and give us a chance to be there for you. This is a wonderful great support group and I have made many friends here, who understand and have been there for me through my especially down times.. and encouraging always.. you will find that here. We are not religious by any means as this forum is not about that but we are here to help people who come here and talk and share our hurt, pain, sorrows, and to try to make it through another day. It helps...to know that you are not alone and that other people really really do understand and can relate.

Astrantia, is right that we all have to find our own way to deal with life, however, if this is getting out of hand, and brought to our attention, it will be taken care of..I guess I am not understanding what Astrantia is saying here about toning this subject down, so will check into it. I have taken some time away, recovering from surgery and dealing with some issues that have I have had to take care of.. so I am trying to catch up with everybody here..

Thank you for sharing with us your pain. My heart goes deeply out to you.. and allow us to help you walk through your pain. Or whomever you feel comfortable with in talking to here.. I am glad you are here..

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Just a thought, but what about a religious soap box being added, then all those who wish to avoid any religious discussion can avoid it like the plague.


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That wouldn't work for comments like TG123's though, because they are responses to existing threads...

It was TG123 that upset Broken Product, I think.
I hope you choose to stick around... just sometimes people have had religous related trama/experiences, and saying certain things about religion can trigger them. So just be careful how you word things... :hug: either way, take good care of yourself, but I hope to still see you around.

:hug: :smile:

I personally despise religion, especially christianity. Now, I'm not trying to get into an argument about this with anyone, it's just the way I feel. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you, and I hope you can recover from it. We all have a choice.


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I doubt anybody means you any direct offense. Religion is a well versed topic on here because it affects a lot of people and their decisions, that's all.
I can't really relate to your earlier life i'm afraid but i can say that you are wanted here and we will listen to you and just try to give help and support as best we can.
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