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a weird question maybe?

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without any relligous tones i have another question,so here goes.
your standing at heavens gate and an angel says do you want to watch your own funeral?? would you ?


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Probably not.

I wouldnt like to see the people who cared about me getting upset just because Im dead. Also, I wouldnt like to know how many people went to my funeral just because they had to. I dont want anyone going to my funeral if their just going to be bored.

In the unlikely event I end up at the pearly gates I think I would just saunter in and begin searching for the management.


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I'd watch it, I'd be interested in seeing who showed up, if anyone.
No.you might catch sight of the name of someone you really cant stand on the gravestone next to yours.
Can you imagine spending all of eternity with that gnawing away at you?


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No, because chances are, I won't get a funeral lol(not getting buried). But I spose there'll be some sought of memorium thing going on, not like I'd expect many to show up.

Once they've burned me up into black shit and chucked me in a jar, I want it shot off into space. So I can finally leave this fucked up place :mhmm:.
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