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    My life is perfect. An addiction to plastic always narrows down my decision-making when it comes to meals. Plus, my parents are never home, so no yelling! We have no money to get with a good therapist, but money is the root of all evil, right? Ooh, plus, my room flooded and my DS was murdered! Thank god I got rid of all my crap. I'm feeling depressed and emotional, but tears are good for your eyes, right? I don't ever ever talk to other people offline anymore, but they're probably either bad influences or dead like my pal in Joplin. Pssh. BUT, BEST OF ALL, I got to take a crazy mix of drugs from someone that said they'd make me feel better! Maybe insomnia, dizzyness and an upset stomach are minor side effects.

    Yep, I LOVE my stupid jdedi6yitg life.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Life can be so tough, but I am so glad you are sharing with us...wish I had some words of wisdom, but I do have words of caring...big hugs
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    Hi hun yup life can throw us some shit at times but i too am glad you are here letting some of it go. You continue to talk okay sending you much need hugs and yes let those tears go hun the wash away some of the sadness