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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by DrCynic, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Sometimes I wish there was a virtual program or game or something that could let you feel everything that it's like to be with someone you love but can't have. I've spent alot of time thinking of something like that, and of the someones I've loved who I wish could love me back, at least in a certain way, like to feel, see, hear them, like they are really there.

    I guess it's just something to go on dreaming about.

  2. It's a very good idea, DrCynic. There NEEDS to be a program like that. It would resolve plenty of issues in this world. It would eliminate alot of suicides caused by relationships/lack thereof. It would greatly decrease the need for real human relationships, which is a good thing, in my opinion, because it would replace so many of the conflicts involved in real human relationships, with customizeable "virtual love", which would eliminate any of the painful heartbreaks caused by human evilness. Also, a virtual program which replicates a real human form in both emotional and physical sensation, would provide such intricate customization, so that the real person could have their "dream partner". This also would have a tremendously positive impact on the economy. Corporations would provide for thousands of jobs, while making billions of dollars from this. Millions of depressed "virtual love" program users, would become much happier people, in turn, causing more productivity in the workplace. Another advantage, is the decrease in human production. Fewer childbirths mean less economic impact on taxation for education and other heavy spending for childcare. Because of this, more tax decreases will be feasible, giving more money for individuals to spend, therefore, further boosting the economy. There are benefits in regards to religious issues. There will be fewer abortions, due to the decrease in unwanted pregnancies. Also, there will be fewer cases of rape, further decreasing the amount of abortions. Also, there will be a sharp decrease in sexually transmitted diseases spread, while portions of profits made from the sales of "virtual love" programs, can be spent toward research on cures for sexually transmitted diseases. Less human interaction means fewer spread diseases, in general, decreasing the number of medical health claims, resulting in health insurance rate decreases. If more people spent less time in the outside world, fuel costs would decrease due to the lack of demand, and less fuel consumption means a better environment for when people do go out for work and for daily necessities. Ultimately, the world would be safer too. Happier people means less environmental, emotional, and physical crime. Virtual love programs bring world peace.
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    What a good idea Doc. I guess it's a sad reflection on the world that most games are more to do with killing and destruction rather than love and harmony. Maybe one day.:smile:
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    itd be a good idea. there are no boundaries.
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    I have long thought of it, as a way to decrease depression in both male and females. It would also serve for those with intimacy problems...

    All I want is to help... I wish I had some kind of tech savvy so that I could do it.