A World of Misery and Pain

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    Looked in the paper this morning,
    Another teenager killed in a DWI.
    Last night heard on the news,
    Another fatal drug bust.
    Last week on the radio,
    Ten soldiers eradicated in another road-side bombing.
    Children in the streets being shot down,
    By gang-related violence.
    Mothers rejecting an unborn child,
    The doctors slaughter him in a malicious way,
    Crushing his skull to pull him from the womb.
    Disfigured children abandoned,
    By a drunk father and high mother.
    Tomorrow another adolescent takes their life,
    Nobody seems to care,
    About somebody who isn’t even there.
    Next week she’ll go home from school,
    Hiding the blood stain on her shirt,
    With a secret of pain—
    Carved in her back with a pin—the dire word that is now her name.
    A five year old child runs in circles like a caged animal,
    Shot-gun shells fly at his bare feet,
    By an amused father who punches out all his teeth.
    A teen tries to carry the weight of the world,
    His body was not made for the weight that is upon his back,
    Trying to make everyone happy,
    He buckles under the demands of life,
    Falling into a hell hole where nobody cares anymore.
    People dying every second,
    From diseases and sicknesses,
    That have no cure,
    From starvation and pollution,
    That leave despair,
    From guns in nation-wide wars or a robbery-gone-bad.
    Another rape, another attack,
    Left un-reported,
    For fear of losing everyone you have.
    A preteen collapses beneath the pressure,
    Carving the first of many scars into his wrist,
    To relieve the rest of the pain he feels around him.
    Parents grieving in the living room,
    For the child who has not been found,
    For the child who will never come back home,
    For the child who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered.
    The World is Full of Misery and Pain.
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    There is tragedy in this world but there are so many people who are kind and caring who reach out to help t he suffering hun try no only to see the darkness ok I know that is hard because that is what the news is made off tragedies sadness because unfortunately that is what sells. There is kindness hun it is just not reported as much as the tragedies hugs
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    it's not the media. it's the life and lives I have seen and observed throughout my entire life. sure 19 years to some is not that long but when there has been more shit gone down in those 19 years than most 19 year olds go through you can't stop the truth from being laid out in plain veiw. the truth? the truth is death. now the lies are ALL in LIFE/LIE. but 90% of the world is still dumb and blind to the shit, you haven't seen the shit in the right lighting. maybe if you believed in demons and spirits one of them would open up to you and open your eyes unmasking the real world and turning it's lies into perspective.