A worthy, fulfulling, vibrant life.


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My life, it has evolved often around the wrong people, and this year I want to start to let it evolve around better people and myself. I gave the wrong people too much credit and worth, men that I liked mostly. It felt to me that, with them in my life, my own life had more value, was more interesting and something to live for. It felt that, their reflection of me, their idea and view of me, would be me, and only then could I be happy.
Ofcourse this is not the case, yet to truely feel on the inside that I too am worthy, I too can contribute something beautiful to this world, I too am someone worthwhile, it takes great strength and every day care.

All the things I am, are what I want to live for now, to fill my life with people and experiences that are worth much, that are giving me the feeling of being loved, and that will give me a feeling of being alive, vibrant, beautiful and with much dept. I will create this, in any way I can, and I will look for it anywhere I can.

It already has started with the beautiful gems of people that I found on here, who, eventhough they themselves often struggle, yet still help and care for others and make me feel that I matter, and listened even when I was on my most low moments in life.
To go upward, onward, to rise and to be free of the mental cage created by myself.
To find the key of the cage, open the door and fly for good and to never go back.


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Awesome post there, I want to join you on surrounding myself with amazing selfless people. Of course you can contribute something beautiful to the world and that can even be supporting others who are suffering, volunteering for a cause worth it, fundraising for causes, being a better person, leave the old you behind. Jump and reach your limits :)


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Star!!! I believe in you. This is going to be YOUR year, living for yourself and true happiness rather than the approval of others :) You got this, make yourself happy girl, you deserve it. Onwards and upwards :)

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