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  1. hi im new,

    a year ago (in a few days) i tried to kill myself for what must of been the 100th time. It was one of my worse attempts where i went into the woods overdosed and tried to hang myself. i was missing for 26 hours and was hallucinating and stumbeling around. There were police dogs and helicopters looking for me, infact one of the only things i remember is hiding from the helicopters search light under a tree. i was aparently very lucky, i was found when i was as i had stumbled into a clearing and the helicopter found me and told police on the ground and i am lucky not to have died and to not have lost an eye as i was scrathed and had lost most of my clothing while stumbleing through the woods. When i was found i was put into hospital for the 3 months on a section (although it was not the first time i have been in hospitaal on section i spent most of the year before in hospital).

    but anyway that was a year ago and i have not tried any attempts anywhere near as serious as that attempt, i feel i have moved on slighty, there is some hope for people it isnt always bad forever! i still have bad days where the first thing i think of is death and how to kill myself and i have tried small things like hanging myself and small overdoses in the last year but its nothing as serious as they could have been and i have only been in hospital once since the time in woods a year ago. i just wanted to let people know things can get better. you just have to hang in there. i know that is just patronising whenever people say that to you (well i find it like that when its said to me) and i think "if i could hang on i would..i dont enjoy trying to kill myself" but im just trying to let you know there is some hope! it wont be dark and scary forever.

    lots of love
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    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. I am glad your attempts have not been successful. I hope you are able to hold on to that bit of hope you have and things do continue to move forward for you. :hug:
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