A Year Ago

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one year since the slanted eye of halloween dripping its tears of dread came to me since has been silenced like stars straining to be heard.

Hear of me of mighty thoughts, intellect everrising to be ?? questioned
what thread of life lives eternal throughout if sought with disdain

i now am going through trials and tribulations it is coming up on my one year anniversary and i'm scared guys??
I'm sorry, I cant understand your post. You sound kind of 'out there' - have you taken drugs?. A bad idea if you have, but never mind.

I saw the word 'scared' though. I understand that.

Just being alive can be a scary business, no doubt about that. The thing about fear though, is that it's only a feeling - it cant actually hurt you. Although if we allow it to become too strong and persistent it can cause us to hurt ourselves or even others.

Anyhow, why dont you try and explain whats causing you to feel afraid? it may help you.

Please look after yourself okay?.

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First - :welcome: to SF hun, hope you make tons of friends and get all the emtional support you need. I am here if you need me, my profile has contct ID's in it if you wanna get ahold of me. Or you can always PM me, my PM box is always open for ya. :hug:

Hun, what is going on, it's kind of confusing, but are you thinking about a date of anaversary of an atempt?

Take Care, anf know you have a place to be, vent, talk, make friends and can be yourself.

:hug: :hug:

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