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aaaaaaaaaaaaaarggg i wana smash somthing

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i cant sleep and im so angry im either gona hav to smash somthing or myself arrogant people everywhere wot is wrong with the world when did people stop being nice how else can i combat this anger except drinking there should be a place full of old tv's etc where u can go and just break things i could just don my army boots get a hammer and go crazy destroying things i think this would cut down violence leveels and possibly even drug use coz i for 1 am gona hav to use some drugs today if i cant break somthing i thik thats why punk gigs are so helpful to angry people you can let it all on on other people but u are all doing the same thing and its all in the name of enjoyment not huirtng anybody innocent

total eclipse

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scream okay let it out and if you have to just punch the hell out of a pillow or better yet go for a long run or walk get outside okay h ugs
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