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i'm sorry you had problems with the hotline over the weekend - have you tried them again now that easter is over?

were you able to get to the doc today like you wanted? how did it go?
I feel like cutting sooo deep the blood wont stop

i feel like swallowing all the pills i have until i become unconscious

i feel like screaming until i have no voice left, until i'll have nothing more to scream at all

i feel like there is a fight, a fire inside of me growing and grown and

and i feel my head is going to explode

and my doby to be devasted and disappear


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I can feel the pain coming from you and i wish I could take it away even if only for a little while

Right now I seriously suggest you call a crisis line and get someone you can speak with

Really want you to be safe


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Im sorry your having a hard time today, please if your in danger of hurting yourself, seek help.

I would suggest getting up and using that energy to do something, run around the block, go play tennis, clean house, go through closets, something that will get you past the manic into a calmer thinking.

Hugs, hope tomorrow is better to you.


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Sorry you're feeling this way. Is there anything you can think of that would help improve your day?
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