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    Why the hell I can't tell what is wrong with me??????? I was almost there and I can do it. It's stupid my fucking story is stupid. I have no reason to feel what I feel. But I feel it and I want to cry and scream!!! I can't keep being invisible! I can't keep being good ol' Mary, that will always do the right thing and who's the right rug to step on! I am sick of it! I try so hard to not hurt anybody but they don't give a fuck about me and how they make me feel! I'm sick of this and want to get out of here!! Why do I need their love and attention so much ffs???? Cuz I always want what I can't have.

    And my mom is always so hurtful, she tells me to stop being week, and to get up and go on. but I can't I need tim e and they refuse to give it to me!!!
    My dad is so mean and he's always right, no matter what the F***ing issue is.
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    I can relate... wish i had some advice for you, but if I did then i would be living it right now.
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    1788? is there any reason for that? Well try finding little things that relax you and you can enjoy?