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  1. Fitzy

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    I can't take much more of that smart arsed madam I have to work with. Smug self satisfied always right!!!!!! She is so certain of her superior abilities and I'm always wrong (really I am). I end up feeling and being exposed as stupid and useless and I really want to SH just to prove how crap I am.
    And I'm old enough to be her mother! I feel on the scrap heap. I have lost all professional credibility.
    I hate hate hate her!!!!!!!
    This rant hasn't helped me. She wins.
  2. lostbutnotfound

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    I'm really sorry to hear you are struggling. Especially with someone at work, you can't exactly get away from them can you, I guess.. not good. Why do you think you are always wrong? And why does she seem to be so smug? Can you talk to your boss about this? It's not fair that you should be made to feel like a piece of crap, by a colleague. You are trying your best.

    Please don't SH. I hate saying that, and I know it is WAY easier to say than do, but please try not to. You are NOT crap. I know it feels that way now, and that bloody woman you work with certainly hasn't helped, but you aren't. And if you are anything like me, you will regret SH later, and then let it reaffirm that you really are just as crap as she, and you, thinks. And it isn't true.

    She has NOT won either hon. You are still here, still battling, and if you want to talk you can PM me, not a problem. I hope you are okay

  3. Fitzy

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    Thanks. My boss isn't great at dealing with team dynamics but there are other people who I can off load to. Trouble is she is very efficient, which my boss likes. Other colleagues find her officious!
    I could probably deal with her if I wasn't already feeling so low. Still my contract is up soon - that brings its own problems but at least I never have to see her again.
    Thank you for responding. X
  4. BornFree

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    You are SO NOT CRAP!!!!!! I can't emphasize that enough... you are a Lovely, Kind, Sincere and Caring Lady of Integrity and Value!! Don't let how she makes you feel dictate who you are.... ok?!!

    She obviously has some issues and a serious character flaw if she can't treat people with respect and be a team player!!

    Remember you will get stronger and still be lovely - she sad to say could wind up alone if she doesn't improve her people skills and clearly has a VERY long way to go before she'll even be a tiny fraction as nice and genuine as you are... You are not alone, we love you and are standing with you!!

    Take heart Fitsy, guard your heart and don't let her rob you anymore... when clearly she is the one with issues.

    lotsa love and hugs :hug::hug::hug:
    PM anytime you wannna talk

    Ditsy x
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    Oh lostbutnotfound and ditsy!
    I had started to feel a bit better after your responses and I then had a lovely phonecall from a dear friend. I was looking forward to leaving a positive post but then I got an email from another arrogant bossy colleague to tell me that she has been asked to do a high profile presentation that I was supposed to do. Seems I'm not good enough. I feel like shit.
    I have picked up and put down the kitchen knife so many times. I'm determined not to cut but it's sooooo tempting. I often comfort eat instead of cutting but I'm back at weightwatchers - binge eating broccoli isn't quite the same as a packet of hobnobs!
    My contract is up soon and I will be jobless. After this year long fiasco I will get a crap reference. I'm 52 and I have stuffed up so badly. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.