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    my friend just got a dui and my other two just got minors. i dont know what to do. my friend could possibly face expulsion, i need to ask a girl to a dance which now is nothing but yet is still everything. i cant handle so many fucking things at once, i need my therapist. god damnit i cant take all of this at once its just too fucking much. i need to go my head hurts so fucking much
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    Hello there!
    Sorry to hear that you feel overwelmed with all those problems that you have to face at once. :hug:
    Btw, it is so nice that you are worried that your friend could face expulsion. I think you are a good friend for worrying about him/her. I know that it is not a nice feeling for you - being worried - but it is a nice thing, it shows that you really care.
    I hope things will get better soon. :smile:
    And I hope that headache is gone by now. :hug: