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Why is it in this horrid life, that things never work out as we wish them to! Am just sick of this meaningless exsistence!

Evertytime things are going good in my life, i manage to bugger things up!

I am a no good person, a persistant fly on the wall who needs to be swatted and killed! Life is so painful, just wish i knew the answer for complete happiness, but then knowing me i would bugger that up to!

Just wish i could be happy instaed of going through the pain i go through each and every day!


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Hi Stu...so sorry things seem so awful...please tell us what is going on for you so that we can support you and give you the care you deserve...J


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We all bugger things up. That's being human. Life would be boring if we were perfect (and being in human dynamics -I'd be out of a job :)


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I know it's tough. Had some of my worst days recently but had a normal day today. I focused on someone else's health instead of my problems and it felt good. Helped out a stranger today. Probably did some selfish things too to balance the ledger.
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