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    My brother is an abusive, asshole, bastard, jobless, homeless, father of two, wanker.



    IT IS LIKE SHE WANTS HIM TO KILL ME. Psychopathic bastards, the lot of them

    He has attacked me before, he will do it again...
    The police will come out faster this time.

    I hope.
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    I understand what your going threw. My father abuses me and even though my mother knows all this she wont kick him out. I do feel that at times that she wouldnt care that much if he killed me. I wish i could say just ignore him or stay away from him but i'm sure its not that simple. More then likly he'll come see seek you out and try to argue with you so that he feels he has a reason to hit you. The best advice i can give for you if you cant get out of the situation all together is just to try to endure it. I know it hurts, especially to be hit by someone who's blood and is suppose to love you. Have you ever told the poilce that your brother abuses you? When i told the police they asked my father if he abused me, he said no, and they patted me on the head and told me to go inside and be an obedient child.
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    The last time I called the police on him, The controller could hear mymother and him arguing in the back ground. Then he heard my mother shouting at me and he heard her hitting me about it, snatching the phone and hanging the phone up.

    It still took two hours for the police to come out.

    The 999 guy called me back, but my mother just told him to go away and leave us alone.

    Not even he cared enough.

    When the police woman came, because I was hysterical, I'd just been beaten, she took my mothers word as truth, and I was disregarded by her... Like my cuts and bruises were self inflicted.
    My mother even used my mental instability against me while she was speaking to the police woman, she told the police woman I'd lied before about being raped and that this was just another lie. The police woman believed her and left with out even asking me a question. She only knew my name because I'd told the 999 controller.

    It feels like my mother doesn't give a shit that my brother is violent, like I deserve it. I suppose I do. My mother has also accused me of starting on my brother.

    FFS... I'm a 5'2, weak girl and he is a 6'4 Rugby player. How the fuck am I supposed to start on him? I fail to see the logic behind the eyes of the woman I call mother.

    I've lost faith in humanity.
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    Wow! your mother sounds just like my own.
    My mother throws all logic out the window when it comes to my father beating me. Perhaps your mother is mentally ill, I believe my mother is. I mean how else can you explain a mother letting her husband (in my case) or her son to beat her daughter. Or maybe like you said they just don’t care.

    I'm starting to believe that the police are just tired or reporting to domestic abuse calls so they take there time getting there and completely disregard your side of the story. All I can tell you is to endure or move out, because it seems the cops aren't on our side.
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    This is so there anyone who you could visit when things get very bad? just to give yourself a break??? if you are unsafe and truly feel in danger, keep calling...they will have to do an investigation eventually...please know that we are here...yes, it is cyber, but at least you know how cared for you are...please PM me if I can help...big hugs, J
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    He is moving in tomorrow. My world is collapsing around me. I had confidence with him away, I'm going to become a mess...

    I hate him already! He has such a control over me both mentally and physically...