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Aagh I'm so frustrated

Discussion in 'School, Uni and Starting Out' started by Batnana, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. Batnana

    Batnana Public Access

    Alright, so, I made my account, right? Now, I can't message anyone anymore because I'm 13! And it's just that I don't mean to insult the site rules and stuff, I get why they're here, but now that I think about it... Either 13-year-olds are being misrepresented everywhere or I just don't feel like I am my age?

    Now, this might sound egotistical but I don't think I'm quite like the others my age. I think very adult-ly. I am better at making friends with adults than others in my age group. I think about mature issues such as religion, feminism, science, rationality, morality and all that. But then every time, again and again, I see that I'm not allowed to sign up for something because of my age. Or people in youtube videos saying things like 'they're just some 13-year-olds''. Or me generally being excluded from things because I'm young. And time and time again when it's my birthday I think ''Yes, now finally I will be included. Finally, people will look further than a stupid number representing basically nothing.'' But with my age going up, so does my mental age. So still I'll not be accepted as a person.

    I find it ironic that it describes this part of the forum as ''Stages of life are not dependent on an age number.'' because I've been set to public access because of my age number and nothing else. Yes, I am salty about that.
  2. sassy123

    sassy123 SF hugger Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hugs I know it’s hard some people are mature at a young age but you can still be vulnerable i myself wish it could be different because I know many of you that on here that are 13. I just wish non of you felt so bad that you ended up having to find this site but I am glad you found us and can get support here hugs
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  3. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    I am sorry that you are frustrated, and I understand why you are. Every single 13 year old (and 14, 15 etc.) thinks that they are more mature than other people their age and think about mature issues. The reason that your account is restricted to public areas of the forum is not because we do not think that you can talk about mature issues or that you don't have real problems - the issue is 100% that this forum is open to thousands and thousands of people and while we take care to moderate as much as we can, when people are talking privately there are far too many instances where people end up engaged in conversations that are inappropriate and that could very well lead to a) a very dangerous situation for the minor and b) a very serious problem for the adult who is here because they are not necessarily thinking straight at this point and therefore not thinking about the long term consequences of their behaviours.

    Your age number is legally relevant. It is relevant to the people here who are adults and unstable and really shouldn't be talking to minors, and they are relevant to the minors that we have a moral obligation to protect from internet predators. Of course we kick off anyone that is preying on vulnerable or under-age people, but by the time we see the predatory behaviour, by definition someone has already been preyed upon - the damage has already been done.

    I am closing this thread because this forum is not a place to complain about the rules. I am sure that you understand that we can't make an exception for this or that 13 year old - we have to have a rule that protects ALL the 13 year olds and the 13 year olds signing up here are often the most vulnerable and unable to look after themselves because they are suicidal and damaged and hurt already. That might not be the case for you, but it is the case for most and it would be absolutely wrong of us not to have systems to protect those people as much as we can.
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