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    I'm a freshman in college and I worked though severe depression and near suicide to get here. I still struggle with depression/anxiety, but I've gotten much better. College is starting to make me revert back to my old depressed self. I want to beat my roommate to a pulp some days because she annoys the &%$@ out of me. I hate my classes, I hate my dorm, I hate this school, and I hate the people who smoke outside my window! If I weren't on meds, I'd probably be a wreck by now! I'm transferring schools in Dec., but I don't know if I can survive until then. FML
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    I'm glad you are here. This will help you a lot. Keep posting anytime you need to. December may seem like a long time to wait but everytime it drags on you, you can always sing "santa claus is coming to town." If people look at you funny, smile and say "I can't wait for december." Ain't I sneaky? :)

    Congratulations on all the work you have done to get where you are today. Don't let people, places, and things take that away from you.