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aaron xc has passed away

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The Unforgiven

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i dont know how many of you still remember aaron by his old username.. regardless.
he is no longer with us, he committed suicide. please remember his in your prayers that at least now he has found peace.
feel free to leave a message behimd as a tribute to his memory.

Aaron, lil bro, i will miss you a lot. i wish it didnt have to be this way..the godforsaken people that made you do this will suffer for it.. nothing can compensate for your loss.. you did not deserve this, we miss you aaron..

if any of you know more about his passing, please pass it on to me.


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RIP Aaron. I hope you are finally at peace and are not suffering anymore. Thoughts are with you.

Sleep tight



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Tragic news. I am so sorry to hear about this. Me and Aaron used to talk quite a bit, and he was a lovely lad.. it's awful that he felt the need to resort to this :sad:

I hope you're at peace now, hon, like you deserve



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Oh im so sorry to hear. Warm thoughts and wishes for his family and friends.
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its just so sad..im so sorry
i remember him but didnt actually know him so im sorry for even posting here.
my condolence to his family and all his friends. i hope your ok ahurtlilkittykat and everyone else who knew him


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take care aaron, i remember talking to him a few times and wouldn't have even guessed that would happen. things take us by surprise sometimes. :sad:


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I hope he has found peace at last. I'll never ever think he was "weak" or a "coward" like so many say. Nobody could know his pain and I'm glad it's over for him.


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I personally knew him.He was such a sweetheart.
We almost talked daily.
He suffered so much.
But I never thought he'd succumb to this.
I hope hes in a better place now.
R.I.P AAron ♥
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Aaron was troubled but had a wild sense of humor...his FB pic showed how much he had grown in the past year...he loved martial arts, but had an injury which saddened him greatly and caused him a lot of pain...he was someone who was very provocative and enjoyed a good banter with people...he will be missed and I am very saddened to have to write this...J
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