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    Okay, so this is very mild compared to everything, but it's making me go batty.

    ADD and depression working together! What...total crap. BLARGH. Migraines and post-concussion woes! I am so happy I could poop a rainbow, and shoot bricks out of my ears at the same time. Maybe even while dancing. I AM JUST THAT HAPPY. *grumbles*

    And then some yahoo wonders why I can't do stuff. :blink: Many thanks go to the folks who actually get it.

    FINALS HATE ME AND I HATE THEM BACK. Also, I do not know how I will ever have enough money to pay for my needs. In or out of school. Thinking about the future has the potential to make me ill with worry.


    When did I grow up? I didn't vote for taking on all this crap, did I? Eep.
  2. Anime-Zodiac

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    Hey Phoenix.

    You have lots of things to think about and worry about but i'm sure you will get through them. As for money, your parents could still support you or you could get a part-time job.