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  1. painfulmuse

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    ive already had a really bad night, ive had the police out twice to me last night over concerns of fear for my life, they said that they had recieved several phone calls from the US and here asking them to check on me, that really hasnt helped my mood at all, i had to run around the house to find long sleved top that wasnt going to catch their that ive just S/H , then i had to convince them that im not suicidal and that everything is a missunderstanding. OF COURSE i lied to their faces, as soon as they left i planned on finishing the job but then the ambo showed up to check me over!!!!! urgh things are really not working out how i planned tonight. thankfully they left after half an hour (they only found out that my blood pressure is high).once everyone had finally left i realise that its now morning and that my plans for last night were trashed!!!!!!! i hate it when plans dont go my way.....anyway...... the suicidal feelings, thoughts and urges have not gone, if anything they have got worse! ive lost the will to life, i know im selfish, but who cares, as i seriously dont anymore, im done with feeling like this, the thought of having to live another day is torture, breathing another breath is painful and pointless, when will my past dissapper as ive had enough of it
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    Hi Painfulmuse,
    Please get some urgent help, I wish you could have gone with the ambulance staff. There are options like medications, therapy etc counselling, CBT. I am not sure what you have tried. Please don't suffer like this, please go to your dr/GP for help. Please don't be ashamed, lots of people self-harm and need help. I stopped self-harming and so do many other people. I care and wish I could do more. You have to be honest to get help.
    Please keep posting, to let us know how you are.
    Take care
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