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  1. Harrowdown

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    i have HAD ENOUGH

    no more WAITING
    no more MAnaging
    no more forgiving
    no more thinking
    i want this to stop
    ihaTE MYSELF
    and i hate this fucking worthless planet where all we do is hurt and hurt each other

    and i wish i could remember how to cry because my god would that be a laod off but for the love of me i dont remeber HOW
  2. Jenny

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    I hear your pain and anger Harrowdown.. did anything happen to trigger off these feelings? Here if you want to talk some more x
  3. Harrowdown

    Harrowdown Well-Known Member

    yeah i guess

    i tried to get out this summer , out of my shell
    and i met this one girl and i typically ended up ruining it (either that or she was just playing with me, i guess I'll never know) and i just felt so sompletley
    id started having hope again and i just lost it there completely

    im tired of people disapearing on me, really really tired

    but i also know i alienate everyone

    thanks for asking though
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