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    What is it about me that makes people just up and ignore me? Friends...family...anyone. I watch everyone else surrounded by love, and compassion, and someone willing to talk, or listen, and not belittle them, or condescend to them, and here I stand. Alone. Screaming. No one wants to hear me. No one wants anything to do with me. Unless, of course, they want to make a joke at my expense.

    Hell, I even feel abandoned by SF lately. My last bastion of hope, and it's a wasteland. I don't know what to do.
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I'm sorry that you feel abandoned and ignored by people...the same things happened to me. I know that people on here care...they care about me even when no one else is there, and they care about you too. If you need to talk to anyone about anything, you can talk to me if you want.
  3. total eclipse

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    Hi hun I hope you can get away from those people w ho hurt you with their words I am sorry you are feeling so abandoned i hate that feeling. Please know you can talk to me anytime ok here or pm me hugs
  4. ArgumentGuy

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    It's not that people are saying things that hurt. It's that people aren't saying anything.
  5. total eclipse

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    Silence can hurt as much as words i understand hun YOu have to somehow hun reach out to someone and make them see and hear the pain you are in so you can get the supports you need to not feel so abandoned You keep talking here ok so we can continue to show you that you are not alone hugs
  6. ArgumentGuy

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    My bike was stolen this afternoon. Sucks.

    I posted a status about it on Facebook. Quote: 'My bike was stolen from outside the library. I hate this city.'

    The first reply a few moments later? 'Seems the city isn't too fond of you, either.'

    This is the kind of crap that makes me want to jump off a bridge. I have a serious issue, something goes wrong, I need support, and what do i get? Jokes and ridicule. Either that, or a whole bunch of chirping crickets.

    I really hate this. I'm in a city where I don't know anyone except my roommate, and she's not the supportive type. I reach out for comfort to people I know, and I get rejected. I'm alone. With nothing. FML.
  7. ArgumentGuy

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    Why do I even bother having an opinion? No one ever agrees with me, and it seems like people go out of their way to tell me that i'm wrong.
  8. Acy

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    It sounds like the person who responded to your post about your bike was being a smart ass and thought he was funny. It's too bad he didn't stop to think how insensitive he would sound.

    I'm sorry your bike was stolen. Was it insured? Did you report it to the police?

    Please keep posting. There are people here who hear you. :hug:
  9. SaraRose

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    :hug: I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel, when I post on facebook I usually get silence. Silence ALWAYS hurts worse then words because at least with words you can feel like you have some meaning, where silence you feel you're not worth it. I know exactly how you feel and I hope it gets better! :hug:
  10. Samara

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    I'm uncertain if this will be helpful to you, but I am hoping that it will.

    "People see in others, what is already within themselves."

    In relation to your bike post, and the comment that was made after; and in relation to what you said about how people always feel the need to tell you how wrong you are, and how it's always just "YOU" who needs to change, or always just "YOU" who has something wrong with you etc...

    All of those judgements people place and lay on you, are coming from the fact that they are seeing something or noticing it in you (and others too [these people walk around telling everyone else how they are wrong]), because they are unable to confront that same problem in themselves. I.E. they will blame you for something they are unable to be responsible for within.

    They may have a similar attitude to yours, about the city and life... maybe they hate things too. Who the heck hasn't felt that way anyway, when stuff doesn't go their way in life? Nobody. That's who, and nobody doesn't exist. LOL. There's no such person, as a nobody.

    So many times, I have found people are hypocrites, they will blame me for the things they do themselves. They will hate me for the very same thing they are doing themself etc... It gets to feel insane when you start to notice this and realize it, it will drive the nicest person mental to always feel like only WE are to blame, and no one else ever has to deal with their own problems. Just us who are being asked to change...

    This may be something you are already realizing as it is. What it really means, is all the people who are attacking you, have that same issue going on in their own life. It's unfortunate that they feel like they need to point out your flaws, and let you know what they dislike... such a person is truly small, honestly, to spend their time doing that, blaming others, and pointing out faults.

    It's not like you asked to be who you are, or like it's all your fault that you are the way you are either. It's like blaming humans for being born with two legs and two arms... that's not really our choice, is it? It's not something we decide in the womb "oh I am going to take two legs, two arms..please!". No. We are just born with that.

    Likewise sometimes we are just created certain ways, and that's our personalities, that's who we are etc... and people just forget to remember that. People forget to remember that their words hurt, and forget to remember that nobody asked for their judgement either.

    Nobody entitled the next man, or the man after that, or the woman either... to be allowed to have their opinions as the final word, or the allowed to judge endlessly and tell people what they dislike as if they are God himself, or as if they are supposed to rule the world and everyone complies.

    That's not how life works.

  11. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    I would like to comment on this too, it is possible that this person was trying to be funny..

    Their post can be taken two ways:

    "Seems the city isn't too fond of you, either" ===> It appears that the city hates you in return. I.E. nobody likes you, get out, leave...we can't stand you.


    "Seems the city isn't too fond of you, either" ===> Because someone stole your bike, maybe the city hates you, like a karma thing? Not a specific person who hates you... but this might have been meant as a joke...that because your bike was stolen, the city feels that way too about you? If you get what I mean? It could have been meant as more of a joke... that the city must hate you, if your bike was stolen. Obviously that's one event, and it wouldn't mean that the city hates, you, but it could feel that way with your bike being stolen.
  12. ArgumentGuy

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    That's an interesting philosophy. Not exactly comforting, but interesting nonetheless.

    Oh, I'm fairly certain that this person was, once again, like everybody else, just making a joke at my expense. I'm in a brand new city, and this person is part of the community that i left. People make jokes at my expense, and I'm stuck. I have to just take it. If I do anything to try and stand up for myself, all of a sudden I'm the bad guy.

    Being in this new city sucks. I don't know anyone here except my roommate. There's no one I can turn to. No, not even my roommate. There's nowhere I can go.

    I'm going for a walk. I may or may not be back.
  13. ArgumentGuy

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    And now my roommate/best friend won't be going to my birthday party. I'll probably end up celebrating it alone. Again.
  14. Acy

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    Oh. :sad: :hug: When is your birthday?
  15. ArgumentGuy

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    Aug. 9th. The 'party' is the 8th.