Abilify, Xanax, PHP

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    I was on Lexapro 20mg and Xanax .25 mg once per day. When I started getting persistent suicidal thoughts on Wednesday, my pdoc added Abilify 2mg once per day. I have been getting what feels like "waves" of anxiety since then. Of course, I am in a bad place psychologically, so not sure if it's that or the Abilify. Others experience? I left a message for pdoc asking if I could take the Xanax more frequently (before I was told to take it every day I was taking it up to 3 times per day as needed...) but she hasn't called back.

    I have an intake meeting on Thursday as pdoc also referred me to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to try to get past this. It means I'd miss work. I'd also have to tell some of my family members as we use Find Friends to keep track of each other and they'd see I'm at the hospital... (and no I don't want to turn it off - I am scared of my estranged husband). Anyway, do people have experience with that? Does it help? I have regular therapy sessions scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday and I know an hour won't be enough... I'm thinking it might help. BUT I think the time I spent in the ER the other day, while I felt very safe and slept, also didn't help at all with my already extremely low self-esteem. I'm worried PHP won't do wonders there either. Last, I'm concerned how it will effect custody of my daughter. My husband is mentally ill too and I was hoping to get sole legal & physical custody.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. I know I jumped around. Just good to get it off my chest.
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    Hey there, Long time, no chat. I am sorry that you are feeling crapy! I haven't been doing so hot myself... i was on ability awhile ago and found that it made my anxiety really bad. That was the first med that really aggravated my anxiety. maybe trying a different med is in order?

    How has the PHP been going? I know it has only been a week but are things getting any better?
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    Sorry for the long delay. PHP was good but I got kicked out and sent to inpatient. It helped. Been 10 days no SI.
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    I am so glad to hear that the thoughts have gone away!