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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the drug abilify. I've recently procured some from a friend, and started taking it without a prescription in the hope that it may help me. I am poor, and do not have medical insurance, so I cannot afford medication on my own. I was wondering if someone knows anything about the drug, I heard it helps with depression.

    Thanks, in advance,

  2. TheWr0ngChild

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    Thats not a very safe idea Doug. How come you can afford the internet and not healthcare? I don't mean to sound judgemental but others are bound to wonder the same thing.
  3. demonhunter999

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    The drug sounds like it is not for general depression but for mania or schizophrenia - try St John's Wort or Prosac (the former can work and is very cheap)
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    you are very lucky being in the UK, tinwoman.

    i'm in ireland and my prescriptions are covered. when i move back to canada i have to pay for my prescriptions myself. i am currently on two mood stabilizers - zyprexa and tegretol - combined they will cost me almost $400 a month.

    back to the OP - do as much research as you can online. check out sites like psychcentral.com as well as the drug's official site (http://www.abilify.com/pdf/Medication_Guide.pdf). as i understand it, same as the meds i'm on, you should have your blood sugar monitored (via a blood test) while you are on the drug. sometimes you can feel more suicidal when you start a new med... be extra careful the first few weeks.

    what will you do when your current supply runs out?
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    Regarding expensive drugs, there are some Indian Internet companies that provide generic equivalents at a fraction of the cost. Basically patent laws are different in India so if the method is different they don't need to follow the patent. Personally I haven't tried them but I have read others who have and they work.
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    I was on abilify for a couple of months when all a sudden my insuance decided they weren't going to cover it anymore. They prescribed it to help with my irrational thinking.
    You know I have to agree with the others. Taking someone elses meds is not the safest thing to do. They switched me back to geodon and I had to take cojentin to balance out some of the side effects. Stay Strong and get your own meds.:chopper:
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    Im on Abilify.. 2mg dose thats going up to 5mg next week..Seems around the time Im use to taking it I get a headache. Its this light headed feeling like my eyes are way back in my skull.. I seems to get a little aggitated if I dont take it regular too.. If I take it regular it seems to help..I get my medication thru a patient assistance program. Therapy, doctors visits, and medication dont cost me a dime - well just gas to get there.
  8. Ruby

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    I despise this drug. They put me on it a couple of weeks ago (a change over from seroquel) and it made me a nervous, agitated wreck. I found myself wanting to run for miles and jump off bridges. They had to actually put me back on seroquel as well as the abilify for some sedation, I was that agitated. I found myself suffering from bouts of anger, I started bashing my head again. It ended up getting so bad that I was took to hospital by the police.

    I've been taken off it now, and I already feel the agitation getting less and less. :dry:
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    I'm on Abilify. It helps keep me from hearing stuff and getting paranoid. I think it's a pretty good drug. My side effects are tiredness (especially when I first started) and shaking. They aren't too bad for me.

    You really shouldn't take something that wasn't prescribed for you. Abilify is also expensive, well over 400 dollars a month for me. I'm lucky I have insurance (for the moment) because I would never be able to afford it otherwise.
  10. Insignificant

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    i just started abilify last friday. it's interesting to read some of these comments on here. i'm on 10mg already and i'm guessing this may change when i see my doc tomorrow. they prescribed this drug for me for hypo-mania. i haven't noticed anything new the drug has done for me. please though i would encourage you not to take the drug if you can't be prescribed it for yourself. please take care