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I've run out of places to ask about this so thought I'd try here.
The details of the story are not that important, only the resolution.
My ex-girlfriend had an abortion about 2 years ago. She is 21 and still finding it very hard to deal with. I get calls in the night with her crying on the phone for 2 hours about how she murdered her baby. He has a name and he would be three this year. I need to help her. I need to find a counsellor or something for her to talk to about it. I found www.lifecharity.org.uk but she says they are nutters....I dont know.
Please, please can someone point me in the direction of somewhere, anywhere that might be able to help us. I'm running out of time.


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I'm not really sure how to help, but she should talk to a counsellor or someone, I never went through abortion, I went through miscarriage and it was hell because I thought it was all my fault. I think she needs to sit down with a grief counsellor and they might be able to help her through this.

If you need to talk feel free to PM me



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Here where I live, we have the option to have a counsellor from the hospital and they are free of charge or we can go to a pricate practice but they are expensive here. dont know if that helps


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i would suggest taking her to the docotor if she hasn't been allready, it sounds like shes gota mixture of guilt, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and maybe some depression, docotors can help with all of these, and with the right help she can get better

i hope you and her can get thru this difficult time together

vikki x

take care


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I think Vikki summed it up very well: guilt, depression, and PTSD. Medical intervention, counseling, and possibly meds could help her get thru this difficult time. Beating herself up over something in the past isn't going to help her, only dig her in deeper into depression and guilt. Since I don't know what country you live in it's hard to recommend a place to go, but looking on those sites Jenny gave links for, and even looking in the phone book could get you somewhere. But you DO have to be careful cause there are lots of places/organizations that offer post-abortion counseling and assistance, but are very anti-abortion, so could put her further into depression and guilt. I hope you can find a place/person/solution to her pain. I understand it all too well, as I had an abortion after being raped, and tho I felt, and still feel, that it was the only thing to do, at times I wonder...:unsure: It's been a long long time since then, and I've not had trouble with my decision or guilt about it, but it'll always be in the back of my mind.

Good luck to you and your girlfriend. Sending you both love and hugs and support and HOPE.:smile:

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