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  1. Hey how do you guys feel about abortion, I don't know if there is a thread like this or not, either way it will be cooler because I made it! Just wondering your views on it...
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I'm all for it seriously.
    I mean the other day I swear I say a 12 yr old pregnant. Now what kind of life would that child have? the father is probably too immature to provide for the kid, or he's run off!
    What about rape victims who fall pregnant?
    That child would be a forever reminder of the incident.
    And even for couples who aren't in a stable relationships..finalcially or emotionally.

    children need loving parents, and they cost alot in move and other ways.
    I am ALL for abortion!
  3. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    I'm prochoice. It's not my place to tell a person what she can or can't do with her body. It's her choice. I mean I'd say adoption first but if that isn't an option I wouldn't judge the person at all. I'd just hope people wouldn't use it as a means for birth control because then it becomes an issue.
  4. Hazel

    Hazel SF & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    I agree with Kanani, however having said that, I personally would never have an abortion.
    I also feel it is unacceptable for a woman to have more than one abortion ie: to use it as a method of birth control, to have one mistake is excusable, to have two or more is unacceptable (to me).
  5. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Prochoice. A fetus has about as much consciousness as a vegetable I've heard. I hate when people force others to go through the pain of child birth. People should be able to get abortions for what ever reason.
  6. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    I say it up to the mom rather she wants it or not we cannot choice for her..
  7. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    I would never personally have an abortion and i think it should be made illegal for anyone to have an abortion because they failed to use contraception.....or didn't think u could get pregnant the first time u had sex....

    I don't think abortion is acceptable because a baby wouldn't fit in with ur lifestyle.

    The only time I think abortion should be considered is when the child was conceived thru non-consensual sex my mother should have aborted me..living with the fact ur a product of rape leaves u feeling dead anyway.

    Babies that will never have a life shouldn't be aborted, as science can be proved wrong.....
  8. Birth control is a womens problem....
  9. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    What if you used all means of protection and something failed and you ended up pregnant? What then? I don't think anyone should have the right to tell another person what they should or shouldn't do.
  10. Hazel

    Hazel SF & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    despisedmage, why do you sat that...
    Do you really believe that or do you enjoy an argument/debate.
    I sincerely hope it's the latter.
  11. haha more on the lines of peoples reactions, so I am not going to tell you what I think, until I get more answerers, ha! Condoms break, not like men can take birth control! well they could but...
  12. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member


    I'm not religious and don't really care what people do with themselves.
  13. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Birth Control isn't 100% effective either. The only 100% effective means of birth control is abstinence
  14. Well condoms are not 100% either, What if they take 2 pills? or pull out right before the male ejaculates? Is it 100% then? then no worrying about baby!
  15. Azul

    Azul Well-Known Member

    In theory I'm "pro-life". I think no one can decide wether someone else should die, certainly not a child. I think everyone has value. My argument is always this one: think of the person in your life that is most valuable to you. You wouldn't trade him/her for anyone else, you believe he/she is unique and has a value of cosmic proportions. Now imagine if that person had been aborted. Wouldn't that be a tremendous shame? I think every person is valuable in that sense, to someone else, and therefore I completely oppose abortion (except in cases where the life of the child would be misery due to severe handicap or something)
    Pretty paradoxical for a quasi-suicidal. i realise i'm a hypocrite. it's theoretical, and in practice it is not always that easy...
  16. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Like i said the only means of 100% effective birth control is abstinence. No sx is the only method of a sure fire way to not get pregnant. You can't take two pills, you have to follow the regimine of it or the pill will become ineffective. Also what about precum...just b/c he pulls out before ejaculation does not mean he didn't leak some inside of the person. Again..no sex is safe sex
  17. WindWalker

    WindWalker Active Member

    I have had 5 kids total and wouldn't see myself having an abortion, however I do think it should be a choice. I do not believe it should be a form of birth control which I have known woman to do just that.
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  18. Well do you know what the baby is in the stomach of the women? It's a parasite, and it could not live if it was not for the women, and no one likes parasites, so it should be a womens choice as to if it has the right to live or not...You know when people are in a vegetative state and have no chance of coming out of it, that it's the family's choice? The baby can't be unique, because it does not have a personality yet...
  19. Azul

    Azul Well-Known Member

    Every baby however, is a potential person. And every person starts out as what you call a "parasite" (just like any animal, that is the way animals come into being. That's the genesis of the person. I'm interested in the person - the life from baby to old man- not its genesis, not one moment of the person. Everything comes about in one way or the other. That is irrelevant.
    That's the problem I have with abortion: the baby is indeed viewed as a "thing", as a "moment" and not as the potential person, not as the life, it is.
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  20. Azul

    Azul Well-Known Member

    And every baby is genetically unique, but that's not the point at all. Even if it wasn't unique, it would become unique and eternally valuable in itself.
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