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I am just curious what everyone's position on abortion is.....
Me personally I don't believe in it, but I think I am pro choice. I mean I would never agree for like a late term abortion those are just terrible, I'm talking early term (I don't really know what the terms are if you havn't noticed:tongue: )


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i'm pro choice its as much a right as human speach

plus what if someone got raped and couldnt help it? would they really want to have their baby? in some cases ...no

its all about womans rights


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Women have the right to choose if they want an abortion. It is just a shame the baby doesnt get a chance to choose if they want to live.

Personally i am against abortion because i can see no need for it. In today's world if you don't want to get pregnant then there are plenty ways to avoid it. If you refuse to take these precautions then you should live with the consequences. Yes accidents do happen...but they should't where babies are concerend. If it does happen and u dont want a baby then there is the option of adoption. There r loads of couples who want babies who can't have them and also it gives the baby a chance to a life you would otherwise be taking away.

Obviously there r some exceptions such as rape. Ofcourse it would be hard for the women to give birth to and bring up this child. Also if the pregnancy is putting the mothers life in danger. In this case it is a choice of the lesser evil and so the life that hasn't yet preoperly began should be the one to go.

Anyway thats just my opinion :smile:
I find it really hard to have opinions on abortion. I'm totally against it BUT as I am 16 if I was to get pregnant now I don't see any other option. Adoption couldn't really work because I'd have to miss so much school while I was pregnant and I doubt that after giving my baby away I'd be able to concentrate much on school. And this really isn't a good time to be not concentrating in school as I plan to get 3 A's in my A-levels and go on to university.
If I got pregnant in 2 years time however there is no way I would have an abortion.
On the whole I'm not in favour of abortion, but it's acceptable in certain circumstances. If a friend of mine was to say she was going to have an abortion then who am I to stop her, I couldn't anyway. If I was pregnant then I don't think I could have an abortion, but then I guess we can only truely know how we'll feel if we're in that situation ourselves.

I remember a long time ago I was speaking to this girl from England, she was a proper party girl going out every Friday, getting drunk etc. She said she had had 2 abortions already even though she was only 17 and she thinks she's pregnant again and if she was, then she would have an abortion because she didn't want to ruin her figure. I was stunned.

I think it depends on what situation for abortion to be justified. I mean, to not have a baby because it will ruin your figure is not something I find to be justifiable. If the womans been raped, her health is at risk or the baby is likely to be born in a very bad which can result in a very difficult life for the baby I think abortion is an option that can be considered.


Alright, all very good points. I was interested to see if there was a connection to being pro life on this site and prolife on abortion. I guess you can't really compare them effectively considering how different each circumstance is.
I am glad that abortion is available as a choice, but I would hope that people would choose not to have one... I also believe that the father should have some say in whether he wants a child that is biologically his to be aborted (obviously in the case of rape that wouldn't apply). Though the ultimate decision has to be the woman's because it's her body after all.


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I am pro-choice, I actually always like to have options and choices available. I wouldn't encourage an abortion for the heck of it and when a women has an abortion, its most of the time incredibly stressful and tramautic for her, she doesnt need people all over her saying she's a sinner and going to hell and all that.


women MUST have that right, and its ridiculous that anyone other then the mom should decide. When the government steps in, just another sure thing that we're entering a dark age of manipulation and control.


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It's their right. The only stand you can take is whether you're for it or against it. I personally believe protesting against abortion is idiotic, because it isn't your decision. People who protest against this kind of thing are a cult just trying to suck people into their stupidity, but I guess it's their decision to protest in the first place. My problem with people who are against abortion bring up the weakest defenses, such as, "It has a SOUL!" Yeah right. A fetus doesn't even have body parts, let alone a "soul." The soul is no more than the conscience in my opinion. However, I believe unresponsible people(who have uprotected sex for "fun") are putting a bad name to abortion. I think abortion should only be available for people who are raped/incest, but it is their decision, and as long as the decision is there, they might as well choose it if they don't want the child. Abortions have one stand-out positive thing though: if the couple doesn't want the baby at all it saves the child the depression of possible child abuse.


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Hmmm well I think it is ok. I have nothing aganist preventing another unwanted life from entering this miserable world of ours.

I do not care what term the parasite is in either. As long as it remains a parasite within the parent it should not be treated any differently.
You're exactly right, F-man. I don't really understand why some extremists deem it worthy to save a rapists unborn child in this world. Yes, lets remind the mother (probably a teen) of her life-long scar with something that she has to take care of for the remainder of her miserable life.

That's right. It's still happening, and it should be stopped. Theology has nothing to do with it (seriously); this is just wrecklessness, and it's disgusting. Let women have the choice wether or not they're ready to support a vessel of life. If it's forced, then you'll have abandoned babies, baby murders, selling unwanted babies, and all sorts of horrid scenes. Some people have already started to just simply throwing them away. There's no need for this; there's an abortion pill. If you need it, then take it. Please.


I am very much Pro-Choice. My family actually is very Republican so we've had some "great" arguments on these topics! (I'm Libertarian, btw.) A woman (and man, I suppose) should have the right to choose whether or not they want to keep thier child. Why bring a child into the world that will not be cared for? It would only hurt the child. And adoption agencies are already flooded with children of all ages-why put the child somewhere where it will only be miserable? If you don't want the child, I don't think you should be forced to have it. Although, I am not supporting the idea of abortion as birth control as that is quite wrong. I would personally never have one, but I fully support those who think it is in thier best interest to do so.

LtRoarke :)
I got my fiance pregnant. We are no longer together. I was nineteen at the time. She had just graduated from culinary school, and had just begun her career making wedding cakes. I was working fastfood, and had just begun working as a EMT. Believe it or not I made more working fast food. We thought long and hard about what we wanted to do. We made a list of pros and cons about having an abortion. In the end having an abortion out weighed keeping it. Giving it up to for adoption was not an option for us. She told me if she had it she was keeping it.

I am not religious so I didn't have any hang ups about it. I just left it up to her. If she wanted it I would do everything I could to give it a happy life. If she didn't want it I would support her. She decided she didn't want it. Her career, and independence came first and I respected her on that. She was the first person in her family to graduate from college and have a career. All her sisters were just uneducated breeders. My parents paid for the abortion. She had the abortion on the same day there was a city wide protest in denver. Walking into the planned parenthood there were several protestors yelling at us, throwing stuff at us. I thought it was funny, but I could tell it was really affecting my girlfriend. It was amazing how many girls were getting it done too. I counted about 25. I think though it really affected her psyologically. But I am not sure.

I don't regret it at all, and I am so thankful that kid was never born. Are relationship became toxic. If she had the kid she would of kept it which means I would be paying child support. Right now I have hard enough time taking care of myself much less someone else. God she would of had that kid my life would be hell on earth. I am prochoice because it was the best choice for us, and for other people in similar or worse situations.
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I always found the anti-abortionists' simple-minded tactic of asking "what if your Mother had aborted YOU?" to be absolutely pathetic. They assume that everyone is so thankful to have the so-called "gift" of life. Well, the Bible thumping trogdylites have no idea that aside from not having been conceived
in the first place, being aborted would have been my second choice.

Hey fanatics ! Did it never occur to you that there are millions of humans that never wanted to be born ? Do you think humans kill themselves just because they're bored and have nothing better to do ?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO wish my Mother had aborted me !!!!
Very well said. I am so f*ing sick of all ***mod edit sarah***telling women what they can't do with their own bodies in order to "protect innocent life" or "save the unborn". :furious: They are NOT doing these unborn children any favors by forcing them to be born into a life of pure misery, which they most certainly will be otherwise they would not be considered for aborting in the first place.:rant:

Of course it's not about protecting innocent life anyway; It is all about using childbirth to control women and keep them in their place. It also sickens me that they now want to stop people from using birth control as well. This of course will only create more needless lives of pain and suffering. Believe me, there is nothing I hate more than those so called "pro-lifers". ****mod edit -sarah****. Nothing is more absolutely wrong and morally reprehensible than the "right to life" movement. If they all had the choice I'm sure almost all would choose not to be born; I certainly would have not been born if it was up to me.
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I was for abortion until I actually had one. I was nineteen, pregnant and terrified. I chose to have an abortion and ended up regretting it. I went through emotional agony and pain for many years. I am now in my thirties and I only just found healing and emotional resolution for what I went though a couple of years ago.

I know not everybody who goes through an abortion will feel the same way as me. But if I could go back in time and change what I did I would do it in a second.

I understand exactly what it's really like. I would never, never judge a woman for having an abortion because I've been there. But I also know what it's like to go through the aftermath that nobody warns you about. I do not look down on women who choose to have abortions, in fact because I've been there I feel badly for them...I understand what it's like...I remember the pain, the fear...everything.

I have to respectfully say I find the terms 'despicable scumbag' and an 'evil bastard' extremely offensive. I would ask everybody involved in this thread to excercise a little restraint and be careful what you say.

This issue is not all black or white but many shades of grey with real people. To abuse someone because of their beliefs in pro-life is just as bad as abusing a woman for having an abortion. It goes both ways.
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This is going to seem like a cop-out, but I just don't believe I should be getting that interested in other people's lives. If I'm not there day after day to see how some stranger raises their children, then I don't see how I should suddenly have a say in whether they have a baby or not.

I think that choice should be up to the woman or the couple (in the case of married people). I think if I were a husband, I would want my wife to at least tell me that she wanted to get an abortion and not just sneak off and have one. I'd never stand in the way of her decision, but I think I would feel hurt if I wasn't included in on the decision.


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I know i hav already posted on this thread but thought i wud put somthing else in.

Since my last post i have changed my view on abortion a bit. I still dont think i agree with it but i can fully understand why i women would want one and think she should be supported if she chooses to have one.

The only problem really i see with abortion is the legal time limit here in the UK is 24 weeks (altho most arent performed after 12) and babies hav been born at 25 weeks and lived so to me it seems terrible to abort babies so close to a dte they will survive!

Just my opinion


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Birth control is the best method, but that doesn't always work out as it should. Women should be able to choose for themselves, and if the father's in the picture, he should have some say in the matter. The problem I have with the "pro-lifers" is that they seem to forget or ignore the sanctity of life AFTER birth - like life is only precious before it's born. It's a touchy subject, but it is, after all, a personal choice - or should be, without interference from government or other groups with different beliefs.

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