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    well i havnt been on here in ages, not back to my old self but theres a girl that i REALLY like, and she told me yesturday that she fancies me but she has a boyfriend and shes staying loyal to him, and i havnt said or done anything to show that i want to be with her, today we went for a walk and her boyfriend is being a real dick towards her, hes mega paranoid about ANY bloke she talks to, even me and im good friends with him! me and her was hanging out today and we watched a movie in my room, she was laying on my bed i so badly wanted to say sumthing but i respect the relationship shes in so i didnt, i didnt pay attention to the movie at all, she was the only thing on my mind, i was litrally clawing at my arm stopping myself, then she suggested going for a drive which made things easier for me. Shes funny, very clever, caring and shes gorgeous! she said all she did today before meeting me at 4 was lay on the bed txting me, she txts me first thing wen she wakes up till she goes to bed so i can understand why her boyfriend is paranoid but there really is no reason to be! its killing me knowing i cant be with her :(

    havnt had a rant on here ina long time but i just need sum1, ANY1 to talk to about this as i have no friends as always :(

    and yes my grammer and spelling hasnt improved since the last time i was on here for any1 who remembers me lol
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    When it comes to relationships, if you are in one or like someone who is in one already, the best course of action is DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF IT - no matter how you or the other person feels.
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    thats why i didnt say anything wen she was laying on my bed earlier? i respect that shes ina relationship, im not a scum bag who tries to split ppl up to get my own way! its tearing me apart i cant have her and i know she likes me :( her boyfriend said he doesnt trust her to her face which im totally shocked by! hes overly protective :mad:
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    My honest opinion is stop. It may seem you 'aren't doing anything' but hanging out with her, texting her all day, is doing something. If you were in a relationship with someone, how would you feel to know they were doing these things with someone else? He has every right to be paranoid. If she wants you, she needs to do the right thing & break up with him, rather than stringing him along. I'm not trying to be harsh, it's just feelings are going to get hurt & it's unfair to do this to someone.

    If I were you, I would tell her you can't do this anymore until she leaves him. It's her choice ultimately what she does. I know it's hard because you have such strong feelings for her.