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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by BryGuy, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. BryGuy

    BryGuy New Member

    "He" went through a dark time in his life, he became a Nihilist and an Atheist in 2008 cause of his confusion and depression and anxiety. After his last suicide attempt in June 2010, he woke up and saw that life without God is meaningless. God hasn't abandoned him, he was just too synced with issues that he didn't look to the cross for the answers. Atheist Demon is now a born again Christian, he no longer drinks/smokes, he is working on not to swear, he still gets depress and anxious at times, but he knows that God has him covered. He no longer associates with atheism or nihilism and the occult. He dropped Atheist Demon and decided to go by his nickname he uses most often called "BryGuy". It seems that I know a lot about this guy, cause I "was" him...literally. I found happiness and confort in God and even though I still make my mistakes, I now ask for guidance from my savior. I know a lot of y'all are on this site because you feel like you just can't take no more, and the battle is too much. But God has a master plan and he wants ALL of his children to be apart of it. Even Christ himself faced issues and suffered in the hands of 'so called religious leaders' but he gave his life to free us from the bond that the enemy put on us. God is love and he wants everyone to be conforted. I pray that whatever situation you are in, that you ask the Lord for help, everything is possible through him. He can save us all...he sure did save me :)
  2. Borrowed time*

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    Hi and welcome to SF
  3. Darkness Inside

    Darkness Inside Account Closed

    Welcome to Suicide Forum... not much of a welcome though...
  4. BryGuy

    BryGuy New Member

    I use to post here a long time ago, but left cause I was deeping into even further depression to the point of suicide.
  5. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member


    Well, hello, and welcome back with your new account, and new look on life.
  6. Iron Halo

    Iron Halo Active Member

    Welcome back and cool story, bro. That God of yours...the born again one? He uh...did he say anything about me? He and I met at this function awhile back and...well, stuff kinda happened. I don't know if he forgot to give me his number or what, but I haven't heard from him or anything and idk, I just think there was kind of a connection there...

    It's cool, you don't have to ask Him or anything I was just curious.


    Also, tell him I still have his pink button down in case he wants it back.
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