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    you know i'm about done with it all, i can't seem to do anything right and i really don't what anyone thinks anymore. For all i care you could be telling me the best and or the worst thing, but i won't hear you, i have no reason to hear you anymore.
    They and everyone else mean nothing to me, why should anyone mean something to me, i mean nothing to everyone else. And actually i prefer it that way, so much easier then haing to feel guilt over something you didn't do.
    I'm done with caring for people who only want to hurt others and themselves, there's no point to it at all. And i'm not going to care anymore if you go and kill yourself, it's not worth my time that i can do something else with.
    you know what, i don't care about myself, i'm done trying to be perfect for everyone i'm done trying to do everything when they can't do anything for themselves. It makes no sense to keep trying and trying to only get turned down so many times. Well you know what i'm done trying to compete with everyones perfect image of me.
    You know what i'm not perfect, yes i hate my life to no extent and i have every reason to because no cares about my life the way i care about everyone elses. I have every reason to cut, i have every reason that everyone hates me.