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    my boyfriend, and my ex are friends. my ex set me and my boyfriend up. and is now complaining about it. my boyfriend is trying to be my ex's friend and my boyfriend, but is finding it difficult, when my ex calls me a whore and other such things.

    i thought i would be nice to my ex, and send him a birthday text, but i sent it a day too late, and he said: "my bday was yesterday. and change ur facebook status makes u look like a whore peace".

    meh. makes me angry that he is saying shit about his friends behind their backs.

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    i dont know what to say other than if you ever want to chat, drop me a PM
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    good luck. :unsure:
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    Holly, as someone who is one of your friends, your facebook status was a bit provocative. ;)
  5. :hug: Holly
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    Quit hanging out with either of them. If my boyfriend didn't punch my ex in the face for calling me a whore...I would not have anything to do with him if I were you. Even if he were to get his ass kicked for doing it. Your ex is a dick for calling you a whore (btw, he only set you up with this guy to try and manipulate you) and your boyfriend is a wuss for not standing up for you and trying to be this douche's (sorry, ex's) friend. Do yourself a favor and get rid of them both before it gets even worse.

  7. Anastasia, that is a bit harsh of you to say. The two guys are friends. Maybe her boyfriend is dealing with this situation in a way which he hopes will not make the situation worse. Holly is a strong woman and she won't allow some jerk to cause her trouble. Ultimately, I am confident about Holly doing what she knows is right for her and that the issue will be resolved.

    :hug: Holly
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    i understand what you mean about him being a dick and stuff, my boyfriend is trying to keep the peace, like Kurt (Amethyst Selenium) Said.

    i saw him last night, with my boyfriend, and we pretty much emotionally gave him a slap around the face by being together, we both got pretty drunk, (me and my boyfriend that is) and kissed loads, said "i love you" he hated it i am sure, and no the idea was not to hurt him, my boyfriend wont be seeing the other friend who was there for a while, because he is coming to mine, and his other friend is going away for a while.

    catchya all soon xxx Holz

  9. Take care, Holly. :hug: