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About medication and studying

Hi, I've been in therapy for 4 years now and i feel that I've progress a lot, but I still feel sad all the time. Lately I've been thinking in taking anti depressants. The thing is that i read that sometimes medication can fog your mind quite a bit and i'm going in college now and i'm afraid that that will not let me study.
Do you know if this is really like that? Medication will be a problem for studying?

Pleased to hear you feel you’re making progress and that therapy is helping. I think medication is very personal to each and everyone. I can only give you my experience but everyone has a different one. I’ve tried two different antidepressants so far, neither of them have worked. The second has given me a range of side effects and is proving difficult to come off. When I was first offered them, I assumed they would be a magic tablet that would make me feel better. In truth I get little and certainly no improvement in my mood. They say they can take the edge off and stop the extremes of reactions to events but I started taking them as I was entering a really tough time and I don’t think anything was going to help. As for clouding your head, they can and the second ones I tried did a little for me but nothing that was too difficult to cope with and I was able to carry on working and doing everything I needed to do. The only way for you to know really is to give it a try. If they don’t work you can always come off them, if they make you foggy, you can stop them as well. But until you try you won’t know. If the therapy is working then perhaps continuing with that is also an option. Go with what works for you. I’m not sure what the plan is for me, I’m trying to clear my system before discussing next steps with my gp. If there was something out there that stopped these crazy emotions and the need to end my life at any given moment then I’d take it. But I’m not sure that magic tablet really exists.

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