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    I have never used meds myself although i have had my hard times...I am a medical student and i want to say some things about drugs

    Where i come from there are not many ppl who are prescribed with meds for mental illnesses and psychological disorders.I ve been talking with ppl here and there and i found out that this is not the case for the other countries, which is sad.

    First of all, i assume that we all have been through depression here, as this is a suicide forum.Depression is sth normal that everybody goes through when they are dissatisfied by their lives or when some tragic events take place like death or bunkrupcy.Depression however is not an illness.Chronic depression is.

    Chronic depression increases stress and the frequency of panic attack incidents, which can cause mental illness and psychosomatic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, acme, increased blood pressure, colon diseases etc

    The first thing to do is let those close to you know that u have chronic depression.Chronic depression has certain symptoms such as sleep abnormalities, memory problems, you might get tears in your eyes often,you might be unable to concentrate etc.Depression is very common, so you should not thing it s taboo and try to hide it.Let people who can help know while it s early.

    If the words of sympathy and support can t help you after some significant amount of time, then turn to a therapist or support groups.Try to talk with people who can understand you.This should help most of you guys get better, as most of our problems derive from loneliness and lack of attention.Talking can allieviate that pain and can give you confidence to take little steps to improve the quality of your life, under the supervision of an expert.

    However there are people who have suffered strong trauma [f.e. rape,death of a loved one, panic attacks because of financial issues etc] and they can t cope.These people are or should be a minority.These people should seek medical cure along with therapy.Drugs like diazepamines can resolve the stress and help you sleep.There are drugs that can fit you own idiocyncracies.But remember there are not as many people that actually need this form of treatment.Maybe a community where competition is more severe as it probably is in the USA there are more people who turn on drugs, but this can have many drawbacks.

    Doctors love to prescribe drugs coz they earn money, they make their patients like them etc.This is wrong attitude however.So my point is, when u go to your psyciatrist ask you doc for specific instructions and info about the drug, the side-effects, addiction rating etc.Excess use of drugs can make an insurmuntable damage to your brain, make you dependend for ever, increase the cance of getting cancer so u should be sure u actually need this pill.

    Sometimes we need to feel ill, it makes us feel special.Try not to do that and always watch out.Drug use is the last resort.Even an aspirin can kill when it s not needed.Watch out and be aware.

    If anyone has anything to add or argue plz feel free to start a convo here.Cheers!
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