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    Ok so Ive got this mate who I met a few years ago on this camp.Shes been through all the same stuff as me(e.g suicide attempts,cutting,eating disorders etc etc) and has helped me through a lot of that stuff, its almost kinda how we became friends. Shes always been really nice about that sorta stuff and I havnt used her of anything just for that sort of advice, its always her who asks me about that sorta stuff if you get what I mean. I thought we were mates but she lives about an hour away so I cant see her all that often.
    I just have this feeling now though that she was only being that nice because she might feel responsible if I did anything stupid. That might just be me being paranoid because I often wonder about my friends and whether theyre really my friends when they are, but this might be different.I just have this feeling...
    What do you think?Am i just being crazy?
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    she probly really likes you, but me saying that doesnt mean that feeling you get goes away, if you 2 could talk about anything, you can talk about that too, im sure she understands, at least i would :unsure:
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    yeah half the time she doesnt reply, like she says lets meet up but she doesnt reply when i ask her about it.she says she forgets but its too often if that makes sense