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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Kaish, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. Kaish

    Kaish Well-Known Member

    I just looked into suicide methods. I wish I could explain everything I feel but it's so long. I have a prefered method, but it can lead to blindness and/or being paralysed. With my luck I'm sure that would happen. What I do know is I cannot take things anymore. I'm too overwhelmed. The crisis line is tired of me calling. They're supportive, but of course suggest counselling or a friend, too bad I don't have any friends. All the things I cared about are out the windows. I have no reason to live. I don't see how things will ever get better and the classic, no one would miss me if I was gone. It seems in order to get away from my pain this is the thing to do. I hate fighting, hoping things will get better only for me to see that light at the end of the tunnel and then the tunnel collapse. I feel I have no more to give.
  2. Timetosleep

    Timetosleep New Member

    I know that feeling. It is how I feel right now. I am sorry you feel like you don't gave a friend to reach out to but I am here. I just came across this site in my own desperation but please reach out if you can.
  3. IndieOx

    IndieOx New Member

    I'm ready too. I have my method all planned after extensive research, and by all accounts will allow me to leave fairly peacefully, as well as providing those who'll find me with nothing too distressing. It's actually giving me a real sense of calmness to have this planned out. It's just a case of finding a suitable time to go. Soon, I think. Probably in the next week.
  4. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Kaish I am sorry that you feel so hopeless. I really would urge you to talk to your doctor; explain that you are making regular use of crisis lines but they suggest counselling - that you are out of coping strategies and have a method. You need urgent and professional assistance and you have been doing the right thing reaching out to crisis lines for help... just you need more help than volunteers can give you. You need medical intervention.

    Please do not feel alone - that is not the case. We are here for you to talk to, but please do also speak to a doctor honestly about how you are feeling. You are right that simply hoping or waiting for things to get better is unlikely to work - action needs to be taken to make things better.

    Stay safe :hug:
  5. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    I could maybe say that i also feel very down and i am having these thoughts sometime too. I also hardly find some options how to make my life better today, but... I also want to live. The thing is, i want to make my life better and i hope it will happen one day. I wanna say that something may come and you won't even have to do something for it and it could change your life. You simply never know. There are people that attempted to kill themselves without success and later they became happy, because their life changed somehow. But if you will kill yourself, then death is the only thing you will get. Sure, if you help yourself somehow, the chances that your life gets better are higher, but if you don't know how to help yourself anymore, just keep on living and maybe something will simply come to you and you will become happy. You never know. Also, if you can, try to look for some people/friends and tell them how you feel. Good luck.
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