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about to die

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I'm going to challenge you on that....

why post it on here? It's a support forum and everyone who joins is warned of that. If you really wanted to die then you wouldn't be on here looking for support. What I mean is when you joined you obs had some glimmer, there was something in you that made you join as you thought there was something there that there was to hold on to?

So, why not focus your energy in to getting some support. How about telling us why? What has led you to feeling like this? Have you got any support in place at the moment?

could you tell us more, tell us why? maybe you don't care right now, but we do. maybe you could get to a point where you did care, maybe we could help you, and then you would be glad to have survived.

even if we can't help you, I'm sorry for the suffering that has been in your life, and I send my best wishes to you


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Sorry you're hurting so much.. hope you've somehow managed to stay safe and get some help/support for how you're feeling. Please keep posting here if it helps too x
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