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about to run away screaming

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by tammylynn, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. tammylynn

    tammylynn Member

    All day at work I deal with people who get into disagreements about the stupidest stuff and instead of working it out come running to staff and expect some kind of miracle answer then I come home and get the same thing. My husband and daughter (from my first marriage) do not get along and they come to me to voice their complaints about each other. When I suggest to one or the other to talk directly with each other they give me this look like I am completely insane and say something rather rude and stomp away pissed at me! Right now my daughter has started a flame war on my husband on Facebook, I know when he sees it he will come to me and ask why I did'nt jump in the middle of it and defend him. I did'nt because I did not want to get involved because no matter what I do or say they both are going to end up pissed off at me anyway. I feel very caught in the middle and I feel like getting in my car (leaving my cell phone behind) and just start driving until I am lost and never return. This is a very real urge ~ not just some metaphorical saying.
  2. StarsSeeker

    StarsSeeker Member

    Oh, believe me, I understand your point and I agree with you. They better solve their problems by themeselves because as you said, you are always going to be the wrong one from either side. Maybe if you talk to them separately and try to point out their problems and then make them sit together for a while and talk like normal people... Sitting calmly, talking not yelling, using nice words maybe. It may help... but it won't be easy. Yet, it is your choice. I congratulate you for going so far with this, talking about it, and knowing what is best for everyone at the moment. You are a GREAT woman, wife and mom.

    Stay strong

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