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    look this is unconventional but it saved my daughters life after years of her being a mess being suicidal being on drugs being anorexic elf harming self loathing she is finally happy happy happy healthier than ever.

    i did unconventional things.

    i gave her support in every way i could

    i sought advice form conventional people and from many psychics who were refered to me by others because they were good.

    i foudnt hey could tell me things that noone else oculd tell me that were helpful

    i also had a mediumship session which contacted my father and grantmother and i got more helpful information for many htigns including for helping my daughter.

    i had kinisiology done by surrogate or distance
    and distance healing from different healers.

    and i had clearings done of her of enrgies lost souls entities that were driving her to be suicidal ( the medium acutally picked this up and i did it also a few years ago and it had helped alot)

    I took her away often and watched movies with her and gave up time that i needed for other things while she didnt hav e enough friends or hobbies
    and i prayed constantly for everything she needed friends sleep work health whatever

    i learnt healing techniques from healers and did them

    and slowly she got friends
    slowly she got work whcih again i helped and supported her with

    she moved back home
    shes eating better for the firs time in her life

    and she is happy and doing well for the first time in years.

    she isnt suicidal anymore

    i am so so so so grateful after years of being on suicide watch.

    I want to absolutely publicise it maybe even write a magazine article as if it can save anyone i'll be very grateful.
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