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abuse from a sibling

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Well, i've been psychologically abused for the past 5 years and as I type this, realize what it's done. I used to be the top of my class. Straight A student. Then my sister had to decide her college and I was left home alone with my brother. It started small, such as a punch or light kick. I was only in 4th grade so I didn't realize why he was doing this. It turned into verbal namecalling, 'Useless' 'Small' 'Not good Enough'. Then he turned to other words like fat and stupid and lazy. At a community service project, he kicked as hard as he could in the shin, which caused me to drop several cans of tomato sauce at Harvesters. My parents were embarrassed and blamed me for the mess, and made me clean it up. My brother ramped the intensity of his insults. He started to tell me that no one loved me and the I was adopted. He told me that it hurt him to say these things but it was the truth. I couldn't accept that until he went out of his way to tell everyone in the grade that I was an 'accidental birth'. My grades fell through the roof as far as my parents were concerned. I went from Straight A's to Straight B's. My parents had to sit down and talk to me about tutoring. Then, I started P90X. My brother told me I started it because I was fat and lazy and needed the exercise. The hypocrite spent hours everyday sleeping.

I'm wondering, whether or not I should do IT. My family would be hurt, but my brother obviously wouldn't care. Five years, my parents haven't found out. The abuse goes on and I don't know why anymore. My innocence prevented me from depression, but recently I haven't gone out as much and my friends have gotten more distant. Just today I woke up crying because I started to wonder what my brother would call me today. My current report card has a C on it now and it doesn't look like my grades are improving. With a sister that just got a 36 on the ACT I can't really afford to dropout of high school with everyone wondering what I'll get.

2 years ago, I had my first night without sleep. I cried until 12:00 at night and then had to get some water to help my deprived body. I tried going to bed, but ended up being scared for what my brother might do next. My brother has a knack for dissecting things I say and verbally attacking me. He made it to the debate team and uses those skills to control me. Anything I see is used against me at some later date.

1 year ago, I became in school. All my friends though something terrible happened, but I only told I couldn't sleep at night. Sometimes I would cry myself to sleep only to find myself dehydrated in the night. I had big headaches and fell asleep in class. I don't think it will get any better, so I decided to post my case here. I've been contemplating IT since I was 13. I'm currently 15, and with nothing to really look forward to, IT is looking like a pretty good option

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Hi i think you need to sit down with your parents and your brother and get this to stop okay. Your brother needs to get therapy as well as his bullying will get him into much trouble later on. Talk to the councillors at your school okay that is what t hey are there for. The councillor will set up a meeting if you want with your parents and your brother and they will get the abuse stopped
You are 15 hun you do not have to go on like this YOU need to take control back okay talk to someone anyone about how you are feeling so you can get Help now. YOur brother needs to be stopped before he harms anyone else teacher a councillor your parents your doctor but talk okay time now to set up boundaries with your brother with help of professionals to get control back for you hugs.:hugtackles:
Have you approached your school counsellor about this..? Any adults you can trust should be told about it.. You cannot be bullied by someone and tolerate it for years..! You need to see your school counsellor andget some form of help.. Don't be afraid, if you brother abused you physically, go ahead and pull the cops on him..
yeah, getting counciling sounds good.

I think there is something called the National Domestic Violence Hotline. I think they have a website, but I don't know it off hand. Maybe look that up, they might be able to help.
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