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    Father is at it again. Got back from work and not even a hello before he dragged me to the fridge making me drop my mother's flowers i brought her and crush them as i tried to pull away. Apprantly some cheese has gone missing :/
    List of names today:Emo, Bone idle, disgrace, fat, disgusting, eyesore, mistake.
    Apprantly me and my 14 year old brother are theiving bastrards who dont deserve our lives...
    Cut myself quite alot you can imagine, my wrist is a big blob of blood where the criss cross cuts are seeping together. the pain is good.
    He threatened to kick us out. We have no where else to go...
    All over cheese...
    I hate him. I want him out my life. He is bio donor as to hit your own children and call them bastards, eyesores and disgraces, and telling them that your going to kick them out onto the street is not how a father should be...
    Me and my brother feel so alone.
    Another verbal and maybe soon physical attack i will have to wade through and wait for the good days.
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    Where is your mother in all of this?
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    If I could I'd come over and force feed him cheese till he had a mental breakdown everytime he saw it >.>... but lacking that... all I can do is say sorry :hug: .... have you thought about reporting him?
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    Hey Kat I am so sorry that your father is behaves like that and treats you like that, as you said it is definatly not how a father should be. Do you suffer physical abuse as well as the emotional abuse from your father? You need to reach out for some help and support close to you? If your mum is not being supportive is there another family member that can help you and your brother? or maybe a lecturer/teacher where your studying? You are 17 and should be living your life not spending everyday wondering what you'l be going home to next and if its safe. I have never suffered physical abuse from my father but have definatly had my fair share of emotional abuse and he always seemed to flip out over the smallest stupidest things that were never anyone else's fault but his own, it was like I was continually walking on eggshells. I'm now 23 and if my father shouts I'm still scared and if he told me to jump I'd still say how hi. Please try to get help and support now so you can break away from this unhealthy environment before you feel trapped even more. If you ever need anything even if you just want to vent out you can always PM me, I still cant seem to get chat to work xx