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abusive or just mentall?

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A lot of times i cant tell the difference between the 2 in people
does anyone else have this issue?
The simple answer is yes. The physical abuse only hurts for a few days, but the mental and emotional abuse can leave scars.

I have often rather be subjected to physical abuse then emotional/mental abuse. I would rather have had my dad hit me then to subject me to the mental torture he subjected me to so many times.

That being said, to me in many ways they are one in the same. It's hard to be on the receiving end of physical abuse and not feel an emotional impact.


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hmm , i meant as in abusive(physically and/or emotionally) or crazy/alienated

but i get what you mean , think emotional abuse/general not physical abuse can turn to physical illness in the long run and so they might as well be the same
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