Achieved nothing, never really tried, giving up is my character

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  1. Kereviz

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    And i alwaysblame my family about it. Yay, it is great. I have no will to achieve something in life. And after i fail all the time, i find myself thinking "why dis they raise me like that?"... I am not failing because i lose, i fail because i give up.

    If anyone would like to talk, i appreciate.

    Thanks for this great community all.
  2. Kereviz

    Kereviz New Member

    Besides that, if i were to fight on, everything will be gone; my name will be forgotten if not in 50 years from my death but a millenium after it. I dont think that i have guts to do it. But even thinking about it is relieving.
  3. randomguy9

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    I struggle with failure and quitting quite a bit. Some of it... I can contribute in part to my family either not supporting or full on crushing my ambition.

    But... over time... I am slowly getting better about it... and hoping to achive soon.

    It belive it is a turn you can make as well.