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I never thought I would ever get this far and depressed before this year. Acne just tends to fuck things up. I think I've had this like nasty red rash with sporatic zits in them on and off and the worst break out of course has to start with my senior year. This would probably be the 2nd or 3rd year with my acne (yey!) and I can't remember the last time when I saw my chin area with white skin.....normal skin that is.

Seems like everyone in school is flawles, and if they arn't, they have very mild acne. Every day I come home and look in the mirror disguisted and every day I hate myself more and more. To the extent where I don't even give a shit about what others think of me. Hell, I don't even go anywhere now or talk to girls...for obvious reasons.

I always pictured myself dying in a car crash...and well I hope for that soon. with a bleak future ahead of me, I can only wish for more bad predicaments to head my way for me to finally give into what my heart is telling me to do. I realize that there are thousands of other people if not millions that are in WAY worst situations than I am in, but I am weak minded and can't take this any longer.

I may never collect myself to commit such a drastic measure, but I fear every day the thought stays with me longer and longer..sorta like acne. Of course, no one around me even knows the true inside of me. Senior year has got to be the worst year by far, hopefully its my last.


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What im gonna say is hard, i know, and sometimes you cant do it. But.. Look inside yourself and see what you have as a person, not a body. If you hate the way you look so much then dont care anymore, try and put it all behind you and focus on the real you. I will never be very good looking but iv learnt to love the person i am. I would rather be a but-ugly Kind hearted, loveing, caring person than a Stuck up-whore who is the hottest thing that ever walked the planet, wouldnt you? If you are content with yourself you can stop caring about what others think of you, it doesnt matter what you look like if your a beautiful person inside. Just focus on that. Goodluck babe and take care x


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Mm hmm. Yeah, there are something that people can find very easy to solve or handle and some things others find just too difficult to bear. Like me for example as a college student, I haven't made any friends, no social life, nothing, very surprising huh? I must be the only freaking one out there that keeps to himself all the time, never talking to anyone.
And people keep telling me to just join a club or talk to people but its easy for them, but just not for me at all sigh. Look at how much of a pathetic weakling I am. I've already written off my life as going to be full of loniless, pain and misery and I'm only 19. Damn. :dry:

Sorry for that pointless rant.

Your a senior in high school right? I am 100% that this year may be bad but that times ahead for you CAN get better, they may not, but I know that your not going to suffer like you are now for the rest of your life. Don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything, but look at me, at least you probably got friends and still a normal life, I'm a complete loser and a freak compared to all the other people around me. :sad:

I do know that things CAN get better for you, I hope they WILL.
I joined this site just so I could say this...............

"Herbal teas, like

Redclover, rosehips, and peppermint, helped me alot!
1 part rosehips, 1 part peppermint, and 2 parts red clover.

Drink this tea 3 times a day, and learn about cleansing herbs.

Take zinc, and vitamin C.
You will be amazed at what vitamin C can do for your face. :)

Lots of water, and NO MILK, go to to find out why, under acne, of course.

Be weary of things like Accutane, although I took it, and it did "work", at 25 my face is very clear, but was that accutane??
or age?
(its hard to say, but it did make a difference)

anway, dont take it without reading alot about it, I think it might have messed up my brain chemistry a bit.
I am browsing Suicide forum afterall. ;)

i dont know what to say on the acne subject really, the doctors can give somecream that works well.

but i would seriously consider your 'vision' of dying in a car crash, doing that you are putting other peoples health in danger, and if it came down to doing it dilliberately i would serioudly reconsider because it could potentially harmor even kill an innocent persob=n

vik x
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