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    This is the closest to love (yeah not meant to be a pun but whatever) I've ever been; with J, I'm not giggly, but there's no other feeling like it. He makes me feel comfortable but not bored, like it's okay for me to be my somewhat insane, slightly creepy self. He enjoys my stupid jokes just as I enjoy his passion while he debates, even if I disagree with what he's saying. Everything he does, it's with his whole heart, and it's such a nice feeling just even sitting in the car with him, talking, doing nothing. There's no high maintenance at all from either of us, and I'm in the best of moods when we say goodbye. There's something that feels right about him, that makes me want to be selfish with him and spend as much time as I can with him

    And now he's in China until July. Though he may come back earlier, I can't be sure. I hope he's having a good time and getting a lot from the experience, but selfishly all I want is to have him back here, hanging out with me, making me laugh and feel like I think I should feel. I've never been this sad missing someone, not even my sister when she left for college. She's just a phone call away while I don't even have a legit constant way of talking with him

    Anyway, I guess I'm asking you guys how you deal with long distance, and if this is really worth holding onto these feelings or just trying to move on
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    I miss my girl a lot since she's in Colorado, and I'm in Florida, but I have something to strive for which in the end brings me closer to her. Finish my schooling, get some money and then move closer to her. I can long for being held, I can go through the notions that maybe I'm not that great of a person for her, but altogether, we share a common bond and interest in each other that I feel I would die if I didn't have her in my life.
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    We're not even in a relationship though; I just can't help but wonder if this is really something that could be love, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let that go yet

    Is that stupid to hold onto, something that may not even be reciprocated? I feel like it is, but I can't trust that...
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    You're lucky that your friend is coming back from China in July and it isn't a permanent move. I wouldn't say give up your feelings just because he's gone away for a while, just try not to pin too much hope on them. You're not together so you've no idea if this guy likes you in return or if your feelings are even genuine love yet. Just take things slow and see where it goes. Even if he doesn't end up having feelings for you, at least you gained a wonderful friend. Just enjoy your life and wait for him to come home. =)
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    I wish he'd stayed long enough for me to figure it out

    I don't want to let this opportunity pass me by I guess