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Actually excited

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Okay, talk about weird! I'm actually excited for something to do with school, and it's academic! I know. Who the hell am I and what have I done with Jess??! But it's true.. and no, I'm not an imposter. Though I am a bit nutty. Anyways! I'm excited for not one. but two classes I have this semester!

First, peer counseling. Breif explanation of the class.. So for the next 5(ish) months I will be receiving training and becoming a counselor at my school. It's actually a class and we get legit training. There's about 10 people in the class... so for the first couple months we are trained.. then we go out and actually do things. Each of us in the class becomes a big sister/big brother to a younger kid in elementary or middle school. looking forward to that.

Second, my VHS class. I had signed up for a psych class but it was full at the time so I went on the waiting list and my second choice was constitutional law. and I thought I was in that up until today when I logged on and it said under classes : Pre-Ap Psych. YAY! I'm excited to start that.

:biggrin: so I'm happy about doing those classes and can't wait to get back to them
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